happy happy new year 2005

i will be enjoying the good company of negra modelo
this fine evening/don't drink and drive
live tonite
it has been a crazy year
for everyone

some of us made it
maintaining as always
cojelo con take it easy

feeling very good right now
thanking the lord that i'm still standing
on two feet and able to open eyes
see life and feel alright once in a while

there is no time like the present
the present your presence is a present
a gift to be cherished and used
appreciate it
love it
hold it
use it wisely
try to have fun with it
make more moments

keep it moving in the o nickel yall.....get at me we got big work to do in the near future. all the talent we need and our dreams are right around the corner.

pa'lante siempre pa'lante


ho ho ho

hope everyone is enjoying themselves

i'ma bout to blow one outside..

just came back in feeling very nice about life

the best present is each day
being able to open your eyes another sun up
sun down

god bless my mother finishing her masters
god bless my brother living it up in miami
god bless my father for his strength and imperfections

thanks yall for what yall given me
i hope to give you more

happy bday jesus....

signing off in the early morn b4 santa comes through


happy holidaze and appy nu jear...

life has been good i've been blessed this year to just get through another one. got a laptop and a camera for xmas so i guess i was nice this year. some might disagree.

striving to be the best human being i can be. just trying to continue to grow develop transform and be inspired.

thank you to everyone who has supported me or inspired me in some way this past year. will talk to yall before jesus bday....peace
ho ho ho...

your boy tone is full of holidaze spirit as the year winds down. this has been a crazy year in the life of me and you have witnessed it here.

let's see what happened: I graduated from Teachers' College, moved on to another school El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice in Williamsburg, BK, finished my book, performed at a bunch of places for many folks, became wiser and more aware of life love and pursuit of happiness, tried to realize my dreams a little more, and continued in the eternal struggle for truth and understanding. Not that bad a year.

For the next one, just hope to build on a solid foundation and strive to become a better human being. Hector Calderon said we are human beings, thus we are continually growing developing and transforming. At times, I get down on myself because of everything I'm not and still don't have, but then I realize that the goal is the journey and things will always move.

As I reflect back on this year, and every other year, I am grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding me, inspiring me constantly and pushing me to succeed. Thank you to everyone I've met, heard, or been inspired by. Let's keep the positive energy moving yall....peace....


what's really hood? finally got some wireless up in this batch, so it's on. trying to get this happening a lot more often.

life in december is such a rollercoaster of holidaze.
why is it when things seem like are over they just begin?

kids playing ball behind the crib

hustling all over the city listening to crazy new latin jazz fire and terror squad

went to a CUE seminar on the upper east side very good time and a good chance to build with other teachers.

my knicks are the epitome of up and down
my cat is meowing

its raining and the sky looks angry

shoutouts to pace university and nassau community it was good to build with people

everybody live well this holidaze enjoy life
get bent at your work party

love the people around you
appreciate what you got
ju nefer no

shit so fly
should have wings
and a stewardess with it nucka......


what's really hood folks,

december already!!! i can't believe it. this year like others has evaporated into thin smoke, but this year especially felt like it moved. pretty good year; graduated from Teachers' College, started working at El Puente, been performing like crazy, been written about a few times, finished the book. i can't complain. next year, hopefully i can just follow the blueprint set up.

Knicks on top of 500 for the first time since like 9/11. crawford is mos def a nut, but if he always hits those shots, take them all day. when houston comes back, i hope that we do our jobs and make it deep into the playoffs.

today at Nassau Community College
tomorrow at Pace University.

Skidmore was the bomb, as always we had a good time. big ups to my boy akil doing an amazing show up there.

if you in nyc today, wtf was happening with the weather? this morning absolutely pouring now it is sparkling outside.

things in the system:
diesel, new camron, nas, kayslay, and beats!!!! along with different flavors of dunks!!!!

shoutout to ab lugo playback was incredible bro, you are doing great things.
another shout to the ave magazine, yall will see that exclusive soon.

peace power y palante