what's really hood folks,

december already!!! i can't believe it. this year like others has evaporated into thin smoke, but this year especially felt like it moved. pretty good year; graduated from Teachers' College, started working at El Puente, been performing like crazy, been written about a few times, finished the book. i can't complain. next year, hopefully i can just follow the blueprint set up.

Knicks on top of 500 for the first time since like 9/11. crawford is mos def a nut, but if he always hits those shots, take them all day. when houston comes back, i hope that we do our jobs and make it deep into the playoffs.

today at Nassau Community College
tomorrow at Pace University.

Skidmore was the bomb, as always we had a good time. big ups to my boy akil doing an amazing show up there.

if you in nyc today, wtf was happening with the weather? this morning absolutely pouring now it is sparkling outside.

things in the system:
diesel, new camron, nas, kayslay, and beats!!!! along with different flavors of dunks!!!!

shoutout to ab lugo playback was incredible bro, you are doing great things.
another shout to the ave magazine, yall will see that exclusive soon.

peace power y palante

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