happy happy new year 2005

i will be enjoying the good company of negra modelo
this fine evening/don't drink and drive
live tonite
it has been a crazy year
for everyone

some of us made it
maintaining as always
cojelo con take it easy

feeling very good right now
thanking the lord that i'm still standing
on two feet and able to open eyes
see life and feel alright once in a while

there is no time like the present
the present your presence is a present
a gift to be cherished and used
appreciate it
love it
hold it
use it wisely
try to have fun with it
make more moments

keep it moving in the o nickel yall.....get at me we got big work to do in the near future. all the talent we need and our dreams are right around the corner.

pa'lante siempre pa'lante

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