what it is folks

hopefully peoples recovered from this weekend
i had a small gathering of good friends it was fun
last night my homie akil dasaan was on that new missy show (it airs weds 8pm upn)
comp is ruff but the show is mad funny
good luck akil

me i'm just trying to get back into the school thing at el puente
dj kuttin kandi just started working here after school
my freshmen are great
my sophomores need some work
i'm giving them the regents early so they get the ideas

i read the masses are asses for the first time. the rev was a genius.
i'm reading if he hollers let him go by chester himes now. a more ghetto angry richard wright if you can imagine.
see hotel rwanda. i was moved and angry that i was 14 when it happened and had hardly any clue.
see the education of sonny carson. the scene: what yall wanna be? crazy: i wanna be the captain of the queen mary man.........almost moved to tears
hear some of the game album. hot mierda....
props to everyone who has given me feedback on the book. it will be here sooner than you think.

check out the article folks it is how i spend my days.....

enjoy peoples be good

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