what it is famalam...

i ain't been here in a minute and it's not like i forgot about you
grindin like the clipse trying to do god's work at school

students ain't saints
education is struggle

also trying to start paying back these loans
college was cool but really now.....

if you get the chance see welcome to arroyo's by kris diaz, it's sponsored by the hiphop theatre festival. dope show....go reina rey!!!

sideways, assault on precinct 13, hotel rwanda, and million dollar baby all available at your local bootlegger. look for the full length screener it's the copy studios give to critics. crystal clear and 5 bucks. what a country!

that new smack dvd is hilarious un kasa and t-rex had me dying....poets should study these dudes battling str8 grimy cassidy is dead nice

the book is coming i'm looking for some publishing and funding opportunities. if anyone knows what's good holla

living life
trying to get by
things moving like the day
type fast
it is what it is

the kid learning about vida man

check out my homie akil dasaan on upn 9 every weds on that missy show

peace fams

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