zone squad

Smoke as much as you breathe

Aura is lonely cloud of broken benches
Once play area closes at dusk
What you doing past midnight

Empty bottle your exclusive mixtape on blast
Stretch marks on gut
Grey hairs past neck tat

Mami calling you back in house
So you better get the dipping

Hunger dripping funky fangs
All you do is hang around vacant block
Looking for quick sale

Soak up chuleta thigh extra salsa
Bag up on chess board

Throw your blunt at the speaker
For where you at forced to accept

Cornerstore munchie nutrition
Malt liquor massages liver

Job is reading JOB working with your lot
Better what you got

Beloved wobble brain bobble
Hard to sit still like ground you stuck on

Clason Point Gardens standing next to
6 dope boys 5 shottas 4 suckheads 3 Thots
2 Dutches 46 2 story houses
on ghosts of Army barracks
43rd at end of lane

OG Sour Uptown Haze all on deck
Whatever you want
Absorb apathy at speed of Rhino Pellet
And Rad bubblin in rusted gut

Swollen eyes numb to naivete
Innocent ignorance brilliant belligerence
Who will hear this besides mundane bsides
Men done before teenagers
Dee Lush Vudu wrinkled Sick Rick
Brush teeth with White Owl for breakfast

Fast break at Big Back Park
Monkey bar hoops hold hood throwbacks

How easily were you allowed to commit
Concurrent fuckshit more frequent on the ropes
More funny faces laughter covering your loud beads

Please believe yourself if no one else

Everyone will have opinion to deliver as fast as
Pigs can snatch your freedom preserve their weak position

How much can you listen to bullshit conversation
To let world turn deep within your dizzy doneness


Peace to the Wealth.

Slow Grind

Stop wasting time

You out here paying for cheeks
When you supposed to be killing it for free

Massaging temples
Days of them pigs hopping out is over

No flashlights in grass looking for roaches
Belly up legs squirming scribbling suicide notes

Promoted as lead single
Won’t be sold at shutdown stationary

Please hop off shallow curb
Take a splish splash in drunk puddle
Hyperbolic henny charged spit
Guaranteed to lead you to sweaty leathery abyss

Squad is hit
Like silencer shot to jugular

Bunch of regular quitters
Who forgot once you gone
No return as replacement in routine

Once vital member of team
Hastily united in search of petty cream

Can’t remember those dreams once awakened
Crooked will get you bookings
Squares straight to heaven’s gate
Across street up block round corner

Somewhere in a session
Scheming for a slice of what’s never promised

Used to think working man was a coward
When responsibility leaves you shooker
Than riding back of bus to avoid adversary

Anniversary of clapped cookout backyard bbq banger
Best friends turned strangers
Fake smiles hide anger

Still make a son doula outta innocent naïve fool
Looking to improve block resume
With pointless fuck boy twirk

Jiggling a finger feeble
Fascinated at quick fatality

Reality is you take what they give
Or you go get a slice of self definition

Healing when bleeding from fresh wound

Recover at speed of rolling up

Trust is a valuable commodity
To be exchanged for dirty currency

Inflated integrity  
Instant enemy

Can’t accept compliment
Can justify grudge

Holding 2nd hand hate while standing
In 1st rate loneliness

Middle of crew condition critical as
Fresh indictments from yesteryears’ beef
All thirsty thieves and five star fools

Finding Nemo frozen fangs
Drooling baba at feet

Revenge leaves a sweet tooth
Sugar itches cavities down to rotten root

Started on trial basis
Reputation elevates with more cases
In front of racist faces
Briefcases got pawnshop golden riddle
Revealed at breakadawn

When on one
Potion or stinky plant
Bent over can barely stand

Go with direction of wind
When are you gonna try to win?

Take a Record Fool

Break the Spectrum
For Esen aka Turnbull Green

Peace kiko /you roll with that BX twist
This toblerone is the bomb/ son you beat that teddy bear yo

Butter toasted croissant Rowayton reality Norwalk nod
wobbly balance on B2 Drew Spencer Jesse

Psychedelic suburbia concrete sunset
Chew dirt when face down with failure

A single tear could make a puddle ankle high

Survive with lessons from bredrens
In session on a quest for freedom

In tune with universal vibrations
When difference we make creates soundwaves
That battle demons and invite angels

Remix tragedy become friends with danger
Tiptoeing on a razor

Ain’t nothing sharp enough to slice sanity
Spin blood in a hurricane throughout cement jungle

Humbled by mistakes reborn in faith
Overstand divine purpose

Overload the circuits to turn this concert to a circus
Studio is church verses are prayers portraits are psalms

Tattooed arms heavenly testaments elevated experience
Tormented travels down a joy road to reach dull rainbows
With pawn shop pot of gold

Broken from bottom of belly to resist
Temptation of wicked beasts
Feasting frugally living dutifully brain beautifully bruised

Heart soaked in bath tub of blues
Voice texture of sandy frosting screaming

On judgment day the people will recognize the wolf in you

Searching for the right mountaintop to howl at the moon
Closest we can communicate with the clouds

Imperfection around the corner coming soon

As chaos is inevitable approach calmly and be proud


Where Your Peoples At

Bronx Boricuas drive up the Bruckner
To reach Orchard Beach
BBQ pollito y burgers bailando to Lluvia
Praying for a proper homily at Holy Cross
Sunday Church playing lotto
Down payment on dreams
Lean off Bacardi after Uptown
Saturday night special
New levels diablos nuevos
De que tu esta hablando si no es libertad
Gran combo exito with happiness on coro
Para flaquitos y gordos
Pesa’o con fried hunger
Small wonder large curiosity
City provides variety of distraction
Transaction under 2 train
Right by Big Pun Mural
Tropical concrete intoxicated hatred
Puerto Rock Puro amor
Made slaves by dinero
Inspired by heroes sacrificed by capitalism
In search of freedom sin compromise
Un aviso
Most likely your flag and air forces made in China
Reaping profits off your patria
While you preach Pa’lante
How firmly can you navigate manana
Over choppy waters
New world order with barcode on birth certificate
Projects’ baby showers prolific
What’s the specific plan for daily pan
Beyond Sabado Gigante
And next year’s desfile
Kermit the coqui airbrushed on ripped denim
Ghetto venom vicious
Greasy plate delicious soggy paper plates
Each grain of rice makes you escape
City fire barbed wire sharp skyline
Torn tee and bloody bandera
Flapping over casita on vacant lot
How the flame trembles off rock’s mirror
Oye el gallo llorando despierta y levanta
Be brave young lord regal black panther

Nuyoricans get money off Grand Concourse
Bullshitting in Bushwick
Smoke out in Soundview
Praise Elegua en El Barrio
Shout and scream en Los Sures
Live en Fantasia en Orlando
Cold chiefin in Chicago
Hopeful holidaze en Hartford
Frozen hatred en Holyoke
Salsa dance and sip slow en Springfield
Hula hoop spread Aloha en Hawaii
Stuck spitting incomprehensible Spanglish to our shadows
Drowning in shallow polluted puddles
Hustling in middle of suburban oasis
Chasing reparations
Illuminati is complicit with your cage
Caribbean lapdog
Pitiful pets
Wagging tail for job well done
Solo drum painful piano
Faithful flute
Insulated boots leave frosty straps
Chanclas en la sala dusty next to fuzzy TV
Watching too many situational comedies
Monotony of bass thumping on brick wall
Thin tape holding on to
Basketball wrestling and graffiti posters
Decorating drab apartment
Sparkling beverage on scorching day
Lost trying to find better ways
Out complex maze around each corner
Another colonial confrontation
Camera spy on your estilo
Where is powerful potential of proud people
Brave lord living terrible history
Staticky stereo requires 10 D batteries
We can be as free
As we allow ourselves to be
Need to toca clave attached to vocal chords
Holding on to history is more debt
Than we can afford
Too much time to plan for revolution
To ever be bored