Take a Record Fool

Break the Spectrum
For Esen aka Turnbull Green

Peace kiko /you roll with that BX twist
This toblerone is the bomb/ son you beat that teddy bear yo

Butter toasted croissant Rowayton reality Norwalk nod
wobbly balance on B2 Drew Spencer Jesse

Psychedelic suburbia concrete sunset
Chew dirt when face down with failure

A single tear could make a puddle ankle high

Survive with lessons from bredrens
In session on a quest for freedom

In tune with universal vibrations
When difference we make creates soundwaves
That battle demons and invite angels

Remix tragedy become friends with danger
Tiptoeing on a razor

Ain’t nothing sharp enough to slice sanity
Spin blood in a hurricane throughout cement jungle

Humbled by mistakes reborn in faith
Overstand divine purpose

Overload the circuits to turn this concert to a circus
Studio is church verses are prayers portraits are psalms

Tattooed arms heavenly testaments elevated experience
Tormented travels down a joy road to reach dull rainbows
With pawn shop pot of gold

Broken from bottom of belly to resist
Temptation of wicked beasts
Feasting frugally living dutifully brain beautifully bruised

Heart soaked in bath tub of blues
Voice texture of sandy frosting screaming

On judgment day the people will recognize the wolf in you

Searching for the right mountaintop to howl at the moon
Closest we can communicate with the clouds

Imperfection around the corner coming soon

As chaos is inevitable approach calmly and be proud

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