zone squad

Smoke as much as you breathe

Aura is lonely cloud of broken benches
Once play area closes at dusk
What you doing past midnight

Empty bottle your exclusive mixtape on blast
Stretch marks on gut
Grey hairs past neck tat

Mami calling you back in house
So you better get the dipping

Hunger dripping funky fangs
All you do is hang around vacant block
Looking for quick sale

Soak up chuleta thigh extra salsa
Bag up on chess board

Throw your blunt at the speaker
For where you at forced to accept

Cornerstore munchie nutrition
Malt liquor massages liver

Job is reading JOB working with your lot
Better what you got

Beloved wobble brain bobble
Hard to sit still like ground you stuck on

Clason Point Gardens standing next to
6 dope boys 5 shottas 4 suckheads 3 Thots
2 Dutches 46 2 story houses
on ghosts of Army barracks
43rd at end of lane

OG Sour Uptown Haze all on deck
Whatever you want
Absorb apathy at speed of Rhino Pellet
And Rad bubblin in rusted gut

Swollen eyes numb to naivete
Innocent ignorance brilliant belligerence
Who will hear this besides mundane bsides
Men done before teenagers
Dee Lush Vudu wrinkled Sick Rick
Brush teeth with White Owl for breakfast

Fast break at Big Back Park
Monkey bar hoops hold hood throwbacks

How easily were you allowed to commit
Concurrent fuckshit more frequent on the ropes
More funny faces laughter covering your loud beads

Please believe yourself if no one else

Everyone will have opinion to deliver as fast as
Pigs can snatch your freedom preserve their weak position

How much can you listen to bullshit conversation
To let world turn deep within your dizzy doneness

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