after VONA

Let all your days dance with drums

Every second echoes
Sounds of liberation

Beautiful people unfazed
By ancient oppression

Shake off that pain
Let love live

Quiet lullabies you awake
Loud leaves you numb until you nod

Let your God tell you
He is in love with your imperfections

Each flaw has been planned for you to acquire
Inspiration from obvious scars

Ignore your inhibitions
Shortcomings from long travels

Recognize your triumph for daily battles with your purpose

Embrace righteous responsibility
Only a vessel for temporary basis

What view sounds
Wind skipping sun

Ghosts screech
Concrete tightrope splash guts
On bloody ground

Eyes washing Bronx River waves

Rusty toolie in underage palms
Pentecostal Gloria Gloria
Divino psalms

Praise magic

Bird out of box
Twisty rope holds straight
Flip blank pages instant color

Illusion based on distraction
Reaching for diamond when really need a heart

Begin again
Do over instant replay new batting order

Skip me then I skip you back
If you got any fries left
I’ll take the crust

You think you tough
Trapped in a trope
Where you slip me enough
Hemp to twist my own noose

After session feet dangle off bench
Trench has sky box vision
With limited hood horizon

As shattered as you allow
Pick up petty power

Convince your courage no more catering
Let’s build at bullshit buffet

No seconds
Have your fill on first try

Loneliness hugs mirror

Stay aware of the whys

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