if you claim it/ then own it/ fully without regrets

If I’m a poet
Then I must be responsible
                James Baldwin

So prize
What are you waiting for to begin
Rest of existence

So much resistance to revolution

Rather be comfortable in cut
Waiting for rock salt to sting

Breath of fresh hope
On ropes wobbly legs shabby ankles
Recuperate start to percolate

What gives you shakes
Anxious nerves paranoid premonition

Constitution needs multiple revisions
Declaration must have house remix
Heavy bass crumbling ivory towers
On top of dead white marble statues

Embrace inspiration’s seductive selfie
Inviting you to creep over

Pick up frequency of your delinquency
What can give you more reason to be righteous
Besides modern madness

Paint opus capturing calamity
Contains courage feeding malnourished hopeless

Steaming porridge fresh farina
Grits stick to smoky ring ribs

Guttural Gloria
Palms raised with absolution

Divino when we recognize our Godliness
Smiling musk frowny funks
Wrinkles across beauty marks

Open window
Let city cough away until naptime
Wake up clave at corner colmado con
Proclamations Cristo viene pronto

Stop playing tonto
Suckas posing cool will get
Devil’s pie stacked with sprinkles

Thank viejos for voices
Jumping from tired mouths to eager ears

Thirsty brains needing better reception
Too much radio static

Props to poets hustling hearts on tattoed sleeves
Peace to enemies who try to silence and censor
Oppression knows no boundaries

Ni uno puede cagar en paz
Without demonios out to rob your mananas

Gracias amazing grace within palabras symphony
Voice box sounds syllables
Communicate with electric signals

Praise imagination
Daring dreamers to see
For brighter dawns

Life shouldn’t look like this
Moment in rhyme provided by infinite spirit
Traveling through natural mystic

Atmosphere floating
Getting dirtier by the breath
Precious oxygen vital water
Soon elements all we have left

Earth Wind and Fire
Won’t be telling us to celebrate in September

Remember yesterday
Today moves faster than tomorrow
But that is all we are given

Lucky perhaps
Good looking for another chance
Rugged resurrection
Nothing romantic about reality  

Responsible artist
Pray for power of Pa’lante
Be fearless

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