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home is where the hatred is...

damn i can relate to that. the hood is a cold beast that lurks around every corner waiting for you to slip up and laugh at you. not my peoples our peoples but those peoples, that seek to push love truth and harmony out and knock it out for the scraps of leftover destinies. not me homie. not for a sec. the third finger waves eternally at the aos trying to wreck the probability of possibility promised.

so it beez that way sometimes bro and n*ggas just keeping it moving to the next episode gonna build with the sounds of the universe eternally elevating pushing us to perspire perfection. thats the vision that we need to keep tattoed in the inside of our eyelids along with every word we ever wrote healing our hearts from the miserable memories of yesterday and inspiring inhalation from the lyrics that will flow tomorrow.

swear so many doubt the unknown unseen. they don't understand the bittersweet crushed dreams or some energy that comes from spontaneity. off the head me myself i only think of consider and listen to some real shit that comes from the middle the essence the bottom that gut that vibe that lets me know theres universal wisdom and downright righteousness. anything else with those ulterior motives comes off funny style and we acknowledge that but come on now. we grown now.

so what it is yall just had to get those thoughts out there. hope love faith strength and peace to everyone on this crazy time of the year.

yall should check out
if i could post these up here i would:

juelz- this is me off his new album
ransom- 60 bars off clue ateam hardhood classics
Biggie Big Pun- get your grind on
jill scott -sweet justice
camron -it's nothing
ghostface trife -fire
krumbsnatcha - gettin closer to god
bullet- the spic
tragedy- lyrical calisthenstics
az- so sincere, the come up
hell rell- bottoms up
kool g rap- dead or alive mixtape
jim jones- what is this
donny- someday we'll all be free

get at me folks. gonna be doing the nuyorican open room every other friday night late night/saturday morning 1 am. come through spit a poem.


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