happy happy new year 2005

i will be enjoying the good company of negra modelo
this fine evening/don't drink and drive
live tonite
it has been a crazy year
for everyone

some of us made it
maintaining as always
cojelo con take it easy

feeling very good right now
thanking the lord that i'm still standing
on two feet and able to open eyes
see life and feel alright once in a while

there is no time like the present
the present your presence is a present
a gift to be cherished and used
appreciate it
love it
hold it
use it wisely
try to have fun with it
make more moments

keep it moving in the o nickel yall.....get at me we got big work to do in the near future. all the talent we need and our dreams are right around the corner.

pa'lante siempre pa'lante


ho ho ho

hope everyone is enjoying themselves

i'ma bout to blow one outside..

just came back in feeling very nice about life

the best present is each day
being able to open your eyes another sun up
sun down

god bless my mother finishing her masters
god bless my brother living it up in miami
god bless my father for his strength and imperfections

thanks yall for what yall given me
i hope to give you more

happy bday jesus....

signing off in the early morn b4 santa comes through


happy holidaze and appy nu jear...

life has been good i've been blessed this year to just get through another one. got a laptop and a camera for xmas so i guess i was nice this year. some might disagree.

striving to be the best human being i can be. just trying to continue to grow develop transform and be inspired.

thank you to everyone who has supported me or inspired me in some way this past year. will talk to yall before jesus bday....peace
ho ho ho...

your boy tone is full of holidaze spirit as the year winds down. this has been a crazy year in the life of me and you have witnessed it here.

let's see what happened: I graduated from Teachers' College, moved on to another school El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice in Williamsburg, BK, finished my book, performed at a bunch of places for many folks, became wiser and more aware of life love and pursuit of happiness, tried to realize my dreams a little more, and continued in the eternal struggle for truth and understanding. Not that bad a year.

For the next one, just hope to build on a solid foundation and strive to become a better human being. Hector Calderon said we are human beings, thus we are continually growing developing and transforming. At times, I get down on myself because of everything I'm not and still don't have, but then I realize that the goal is the journey and things will always move.

As I reflect back on this year, and every other year, I am grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding me, inspiring me constantly and pushing me to succeed. Thank you to everyone I've met, heard, or been inspired by. Let's keep the positive energy moving yall....peace....


what's really hood? finally got some wireless up in this batch, so it's on. trying to get this happening a lot more often.

life in december is such a rollercoaster of holidaze.
why is it when things seem like are over they just begin?

kids playing ball behind the crib

hustling all over the city listening to crazy new latin jazz fire and terror squad

went to a CUE seminar on the upper east side very good time and a good chance to build with other teachers.

my knicks are the epitome of up and down
my cat is meowing

its raining and the sky looks angry

shoutouts to pace university and nassau community it was good to build with people

everybody live well this holidaze enjoy life
get bent at your work party

love the people around you
appreciate what you got
ju nefer no

shit so fly
should have wings
and a stewardess with it nucka......


what's really hood folks,

december already!!! i can't believe it. this year like others has evaporated into thin smoke, but this year especially felt like it moved. pretty good year; graduated from Teachers' College, started working at El Puente, been performing like crazy, been written about a few times, finished the book. i can't complain. next year, hopefully i can just follow the blueprint set up.

Knicks on top of 500 for the first time since like 9/11. crawford is mos def a nut, but if he always hits those shots, take them all day. when houston comes back, i hope that we do our jobs and make it deep into the playoffs.

today at Nassau Community College
tomorrow at Pace University.

Skidmore was the bomb, as always we had a good time. big ups to my boy akil doing an amazing show up there.

if you in nyc today, wtf was happening with the weather? this morning absolutely pouring now it is sparkling outside.

things in the system:
diesel, new camron, nas, kayslay, and beats!!!! along with different flavors of dunks!!!!

shoutout to ab lugo playback was incredible bro, you are doing great things.
another shout to the ave magazine, yall will see that exclusive soon.

peace power y palante


real quick blog in a few minutes before class...life is good despite the fact the knicks suck and don't seem to be getting any better. allan houston is being paid to look nice in suits on the bench, and i can't pay the bills on time. what a life.

soundview bronx soundview bronx. hopefully that will get people here. i did a quick search for info about my area of the city and didn't realize how much crazy local politics there are. the diaz family runs the local politics and certain people don't like them. i met ruben diaz jr and he was cool, a year or two older than my bro. most defintely have to build with the brother.

story ave is receiving a lot of feedback which is a good thing. any layout folks holla back at me. i'm trying to hook up the cover too.

kay slay v big mike mixtapes: the verdict? that big mike is fire!! i mess with kay slay but sometimes the screaming kills the whole point of the song. i'll take dblock/gunit exclusives way before papoose/dipset exclusives although that cam'ron kanye song is FIRE!!!!!! kanye get at me for real.....

all that band is incredible that show in skidmore is gonna be fire...

slim n*gga that cast a big shadow signing off......


como esta mi gente,

hope that things have been good. i've been running all over the city trying to make this teacher/artist thing work. el puente is an amazing place and teaching there is a privilege. being able to perform and write poetry is a beautiful thing and i am totally blessed with the chance to share my thoughts with peoples. i try to realize to not take things for granted.

this friday i will be at skidmore college in upstate ny. i'm looking forward to rocking b/c this is like my third or fourth time there. new shit!!!

shout out to the folks i was chilling with yesterday. good sessions, good times.

shout out to the people who have found this page somehow someway.

things i'm feeling this week: new nas album, fresh nike dunk premiums, my laptop, bootleg naughty stuff from 125th, and collected fiction of leroi jones...

peace progress y poder....


so what's good folks. if anyone was offended by my last post, my apologies. that was a few days after the election and a lot of the raw emotion had yet to be released. i've learned that a lot of what happened can't be attributed to ignorance but actually people making conscious choices for this man who has steered us in the wrong direction. now we need to understand this breed of bush voter. sorta "how the other half lives".

on the bright side, i finally got a laptop, and my baby holds me down. this piece of equipment is probably the flyest thing i own and i'm glad that i finally copped this. long overdue.

on that same note, i most definitely spent too much money this weekend. that's what happens when you try to ball out.

speaking of ball hopefully i've have more positive things to say about my squad, the NY Knicks. I love them and I hate them, the highest paid team in NBA and we are worse than the Bobcats. We should learn a lesson from the Yanks, you can't buy heart. Starbury this is your world!!!!!

so right now finally writing my first post from my laptop in El Puente's computer lab. here's to many more....GO KNICKS!!!! WIN TONITE!!! NYC NEEDS IT!!!


One America? Fams it hasn't been since slavery. One Future? Why then do poor folks not get an equal slice of the American (Devils') Pie?

All that anger, frustration, pain? Use it wisely folks for positive ends.

Like my brother said, who in the lifetime I've known him, has never been as politically aware as I see him now, "it is his country. no more excuses." in other words, he sh*tted in his own bed, now he gotta smell it and try to make his drawers smell snuggle clean. after such a big dump, it ain't gonna be easy for him.

i can't believe i got better grades than this fool at andover. holla at me.

pa'lante mi gente....nunca pa'tras......


kerry why you sell out...?
so bush wins...

i can't front folks i felt a little defeated and depressed when i first heard the news but i felt that way last night before i went to bed.

so what do we do now?

continue to struggle folks....pa'lante siempre....


what's good peoples,

life has been great just grinding teaching out in BK El Puente is an amazing place. the first week was incredible and went relatively smooth. just trying to do the best i can. friday night went out with my colleagues and explored the williamsburg bars. saturday went out to azaza to celebrate juan carlos' bday and saw all the peoples there. today trying to read some of my students' work. missing my girl and just enjoying each day as it comes. those folks who have story avenue please let me know your feed back.

october 1st feature at the nuyorican e 3rd st btw b +c doors open at 10 pm gonna be live please come through....

in the ears:
jzone a job ain't nuthin but work
foreign exchange connected
dj clue cherry lounge
jlove and suss one tributes to big pun
kayslay and papoose beast from the east
kayslay and alchemist
kayslay long live the king
alchemist 1st infantry crazy!!!
alchemist 2cd from jarmz instrumentals
any reggaeton i can get my hands on (oye mi canto and gasolina and pobre diabla)

shoutouts to bonafide i finally got a chance to read pelo bueno and i hope my book can be even half as nice....

important: http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9662950
sign up and refer your peoples for a free ipod. I don't know if this works yet but let's see and try to get this sh*t working. only catch seems that you gotta sign up for columbia house or BMG. let's go!!!

The Yanks are doing big things. Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back (now twice).


for the official info on sneakers check out these links...i was blown away....

www.mixunit.com - for latest mixtapes....

peace folks get at me drop me a line just say hello....verizon shut me down temporarily...


what's the deal,

yesterday was one of the fullest days of my young life. I had my first day of classes with el puente students and it was real. got to know a bunch of youngsters from brooklyn. today we are doing an election teach in and my workshop is called hiphop and politricks.

then i went over to barnard computer to print out some poems for last nite's performance and some old b*tch runs up on me like who are you? if you are supposed to be helping someone, open up by saying how can i help you please. gotta deal with the not so subtle racism on the daily.

finally, the blue ox last nite. intensely incredible. the open mic was sick, everyone killed it. my parents were in the house along with my girl, the homies, and good people. the stars were in alignment for a great night of poetry. i tried to do my best considering i had a long day and by the time i got to the mic, i was exhausted. but the lyrical adrenaline started pumping and it was on. i blazed through a bunch of new stuff and i think peoples was feeling me. I recorded the whole performance. I told my parents i was about to get real with La Historia de Mi Corazon pt1 and 2. everything was beautiful and then for the first time ever in my life at a poetry event, i saw people thumping. it was even more real because these brothers are like family. only familia can do that. i hope that everybody involved is okay and whatever was the conflict is resolved and put it the past b/c acentos is too real for some petty beef. It is a beautiful space and doing righteous things.

pa'lante siempre pa'lante pana



check it out folks.

tomorrow night sept 14th acentos blue ox 140th & 3rd come through 7pm for dope open mic and then morales on the feature tip..lotta new sh*t...holla at your boy...peace


what it is folks...quick 2 week update...

-props to james madison university in harrisonburg va. had a great time out there...good luck to all the future teachers! props to kayo...

-props to boogie for the chance to perform in washington square park along with kahlil...excellent performance.

-props to karen jaime for the chance to rock the freshman orientation at nyu. big ups to desiree, carlos gomez, august, and jive poetic and many others for a memorable night...

happenings: the convention was absolutely horrible, the elephants in their high glory patting each other on the back for not doing sh*t. sunday's ufpj protest was amazing just like the one in feb/mar 2003 against the war. got into a shouting match with the conversative corner. crazy to see two colored people there so as I shake my head in disgust the dude starts singing que bonita bandera and says hey I'm boricua too papi! I'm an educated spic you should be over here! my how they have brainwashed you brother.

went to my brother's wedding (half Michael Jr) reception at villa barone the same spot where I had my 8th grade prom(maria cruz date). seen my uncle richie grandma esther aunt lucy and other people that I hadn't seen since my parents split up. f*cked how you don't speak to people for like 10 years, but they smile like they seen you yesterday. I'm a grown man, time heals most wounds.
pops was there in full effect with anonymous younger woman tearing up the dance floor. open bar was wild and the mc was getting the crowd hype with old school salsa and classic hiphop.

then I went to my boy drew's mother's wedding reception in darien ct. stark contrast backyard in mansion. had a good time chilling lighting up with jonathan b/sing with the peoples.

Congratulations to my peoples Nick and Nina for the soon to be addition to the family.

in the ears eyes mind: (movies albums dope sh*t)
foreign exchange (phonte nicolay banger)
jim jones on my way to church (dipset piff!!)
beatnuts milk me (da nuts!!! down is classic)
latino blue note
akil dasaan's new album
jackson 5
ali vegas (this kid's a problem)
papoose (watch out)

nicotina (mexican snatch)
te doy mis ojos
harold and kumar !!!!!
murda muzik (ghetto classic)
$2 de la vega tshirt
sick new balance
anything by adriana sage

trying to finish the masterwork yall. hopefully by the next entry it will be roughly almost exactly where I want to be. wish me luck. also wish me happy birthday b/c i'm trying to be done by the 7th (my 24th bday)

paz y progreso

ps sept 14th acentos blue ox bar 140th & 3rd ave ( 6 train to 138th)
october 1st nuyorican poets cafe 3rd st btw b + c ( f train to 2nd ave)

for jacqueline matta in springfield ma, in solidarity, ant

a classic yall
Where are My Boricuas?

I’m looking for my people
Have you seen where they went?
Miro por un lado y por otro
y no veo nadie

They are not here
I’m inspired by stoned crazy prophets
of revolution/giving poetic solutions
to political pollution of a United Steaks
nation of eggs cheese and bacon upon wakin’

Monday morning still dealing
with another Puerto Rican Obituary
Kevin Michael Hector Luz Maria
all died today will die again tomorrow
dreaming bout Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend
new Jordans Timbos Clue Tape tattoo on back
new lease next flip QP on OT
party @ Latin Quarters and Jimmys
and the Parade

La Bodega Sold Dreams
looseys 40s pantyhose liters of milk Dutches
I seen my muneca mulatta under moonlight
this was the making of a cuchifrito love affair
taking me from Loisaida to Spring Garden Philly
to Albizu Campos Blvd in Chicago

Young Lords set it off
sanitation strikes cleaned streets
claimed Dona Libertad
ended up in rehab broadcasting the news
reborn struggle in Vieques
navy bombing bones of protestors underground
neighbors surround in vigil of cancer stricken children

population was problem
police patrol poolrooms poverty plateau
plantations pulverized families polarize
Operation Bootstrap
Pan Tierra Libertad
Bread Land Liberty
no confession to sterilization killing spree
or military state
Palm Sunday Massacre 1937
Jayuya to Don Pedro
everyday’s a birthday with America

We of marinated blood on machete minds
telenovela nobility
como pajaros en cielo mobility
cinquillo salsa boom bap
mofongo mantequilla melts magic on toasted bread
halos circle our heads
151 soaks for the dead
leather palm slaps skin
hear miky tito albizu and pun’s whispers in the wind

When tyranny’s law revolution is order
Motherland must be loved as a woman is loved
spiritually physically
she’s not open to discussion
if so then with bullets

It’s like the reincarnation of the night
before when my ashtray became
a cemetery for all my lost memories

Understand you? If wasn’t trying I would have killed you
stone dead punk

Oye como va
Mi ritmo bueno pa gozar mulatta

Cash pays and rules/root of all evil/shoot on amigos/
for loot and perico polluting our people

Enter my world of doom/consume fear feel the panic/
ram a lightning bolt between Earth Moon Stars
curl the planet

Where are my Boricuas?!
Aqui mismo
Mi gente
Pa’lante siempre pa’lante


what it is peoples, it's your boy ant fresh from la isla del encanto, mi tierra linda, puerto rico. I just went on a little vacation for a week and learned so much. this will be an annual event out there. i performed at the nuyorican cafe en viejo san juan, built with so many incredible poetas, and felt like this life thing called art and this art thing called life are starting to make some sense. wrote some fire, and trying to finish the book.

had lunch with willie out there (props) and the ball needs to move. NOW.

great things about my PR trip:
-the Puerto Rican basketball team slayed the Dream Team 2k4 by like 19 points. Carlos Arroyo is the man and I need that jersey.
-my first Medalla Light.
-numerous Presidentes
-Museo de la Herencia Africana. Check it.
-El Batey bar and lounge.
-Rumba bar and lounge.
-taking public transit out there. 25cents for a bus!! F*ck $2!
-two great movies: Alien v Predator, hilarious if you love both those movies. another much more serious, Te Doy Mis Ojos, a Spanish movie about abusive relationships. Both movie tickets: $5 each. Movie food including popcorn, nachos (my girl), gummi snacks and soda: $7. What a country!
-Caleta de las Monjas. Nice apartment, cheap price. Shoutout to Justin and Kelly two dudes from NC staying in a closet. No, literally. If people ever want to stay in PR for a decent price, check out. www.thecaleta.com
-Condado, Ocean Park, Isla Verde beaches contributing to me looking a lot less palefaced.
-linking up with Abdel, Manuel, Miguel (vamos pa blunt), Kiara (un exchange), and Gargs (Angel Boricua Fall'95 founder of Mu Chapter)
-los gatitos de San Juan Gate living life to the fullest
-Casa de Don Q. the realest rum in the world. free drinks everyday.
-BarraChina, El Parador, Cafe Puerto Rico, and of course the world famous La Bombonera.Why don't they have Mallorcas here in NYC?
-Duty Free Store!!!
-so much more stuff I can't think of now b/c of that fire last night, but I will leave you with this image: a huge sign in the airport saying: It is illegal to carry pigeon peas on your trip. Prohibido traer gandules.

F*ck Rosello! Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!
*el viejito dice la verdad*

el mundo va a cagar
y caer encima
de nosotros
no ahora
pero ahorrita


inspired i guess tonite.. julia de burgos is powerful ain't she? she lets you know how it is...and how it should be.

“Sensacional cuando salio en la madrugada, a mediodia ya la noticia confirmada, en la tarde materia olvidada”---Periodico de Ayer, Hector Lavoe

i feel like posting things that make me think so they make you think....that's where i'm headed....

the reverend's last interview...he prescribes what our future should be.....

"First draft is you scribbling it on a notebook, or a paper, or a napkin and you read it there. And if you make mistakes, man, it makes the poem much more interesting and exciting, and that’s when history started being made....
Spanglish is not an indication of an inferior mind, but it is an indication of an imagination that should be completely fertile. You got to be brilliant, not dumb!...I want to get better. I am getting better, but not by following orders. I have to do my own thing..... There’s no end to the phenomenon, The First Draft Nuyorican Poetry Movement."

props to acentos...new shit!!!

-ma dukes-
is a
in the

the greatest feeling
is feeling everything
at once
nothing at all

-artistic integrity-
f*ck you
reading this
your sensibilities
my capabilities

-get the drop-
your back
and sides
cops be
looking at us
just for chilling
don't sleep

I Was My Own Route (Yo misma fui mi ruta)

Julia de Burgos

I wanted to be like men wanted me to be:

an attempt at life;

a game of hide and seek with my being.

But I was made of nows,

and my feet level on the promissory earth

would not accept walking backwards

and went forward, forward,

mocking the ashes to reach the kiss

of new paths.

At each advancing step on my route forward

my back was ripped by the desperate flapping wings

of the old guard.

But the branch was unpinned forever,

and at each new whiplash my look

separated more and more and more from the distant

familiar horizons;

and my face took the expansion that came from within,

the defined expression that hinted at a feeling

of intimate liberation;

a feeling that surged

from the balance between my life

and the truth of the kiss of the new paths.

Already my course now set in the present,

I felt myself a blossom of all the soils of the earth,

of the soils without history,

of the soils without a future,

of the soil always soil without edges

of all the men and all the epochs.

And I was all in me as was life in me .. . .

I wanted to be like men wanted me to be:

an attempt at life;

a game of hide and seek with my being.

But I was made of nows;

when the heralds announced me

at the regal parade of the old guard,

the desire to follow men warped in me,

and the homage was left waiting for me.


this is how it is/was supposed to be for me

wide open spaces alive broken places

glass bottle tops empty snack boxes smashed cups

queen w/ filthy mouths dirty water dogs

old youths new handshakes future balers

raid lunchrooms for milkcrates peers fascinated

by thick loose thighs overpriced trees expensive

cars bootleg brand name clothes bored church

going icy house Astacio overprotected jewels

babies makin babies passion flowers blossom up

history repeats itself tomorrow will be that song

that gets played out too quick


what's really hood. things have been great. let's see 30 sec post random mierda that has happened over the past week. Sessions, Harlem Book Fair, Maria Full of Grace(go see it!), Shyne and Young Buck albums (both fire), New Goodies, Moms is in Puerto Rico, d/l mad salsa, trying to learn to dance, trying to get the colonialism off my tongue out of my bones, going to PR in a few days, built with KC, added new material, and most important, the OPUS 2004 show.

My students have been working really hard this summer, and I want to give a big shout out to everyone who has discovered the Poetry is Life::Life is Poetry continuum. We read crazy poetry, watched Pinero and Slam, performed our own stuff, made some new friends, and became inspired. I learned a lot from watching and listening to yall- the next generation of Columbia graduates. Hold it down, make it happen. Tonight is your night.....Punto!

Gonna pop up soon, don't worry bout the kid.

you knew
what you know
when we needed
to know it
you say



what's the dilly, yo? I've been chilling just kicking it with my girl who got back from jamaica. no she don't smoke and she had an awful time over there. yall know i'm trying to get up over there.

saw bad boys of comedy a series that puff is putting together. was funny! especially my dog scratch off. "Say It"!

anybody saw def poetry? was pretty good hoping it can be better. it is crazy how the show is shaping people's lives in the poetry racket. for some it is positive exposure. others i'm left thinking what the f*ck are you doing on there and then you are going to blow up? damn where's the cottonpicking justice? it is all good. props to mayda, flaco, lemon and everyone else who is real on the show.

message to young poets. def poetry is cool, take it from me, but if you not on again, everybody asks, "yo when you gonna be on the show again? that shit was hot fams!"

chicharrons for thought
-the roots album is growing on me, but i'm sick that they left two songs off the us release. wtf?
-i' robot was on point except for gratitious will smith nude scenes.
-why haven't the knicks traded for anyone yet?
-soulstrut.com for your music needs.
-going to see maria full of grace tonite. go check it out.
-puerto rico in a few weeks. can't wait. don't think i'll be reading out there, but whatever.

holla at cha boy.


my bad folks been mad lazy with the blogging. life has been really really good.
random sh*t: the Roots album is FIRE, Kenny Dope Mixtapes are blazing, anybody who does poetry workshops holla at me, any journals get at me for submissions, any producers scream at me with a beat, the Knicks f*cking suck we need somebody soon, F*ck Miami and Shaq where's the justice 10 years after Pat Riley faxes his resignation he gets the best player in the game.
started my poetry class at columbia with the OPUS students. they are a cool bunch of young adults trying to adjust to the beast that is the first year of college especially at an Ivy league jumpoff. I feel like we have been doing incredible work and they have come a long way from the beginning. I'm definitely not giving them the conventional sh*t, I'm str8 up f*cking with their ideas of ars poetica. Peace to yall the talent show is coming up soon.
Also kicked it with my bro who came back into to town. got the chance to listen to some new sh*t, kick rhymes, build, ride around blaze and go to the copa on the last night he was here (tuesday 7/13). it was mad packed the drinks were in the system and it was peace.
in between all that went back up to my high school, Phillips Academy in Andover, MA to do a poetry workshop. People who know me know that I got better grades than President Bush there and I've had to bust my ass infinitely more harder than he has. Props to Lou Bernieri and the Andover Bread Loaf Program providing a writing summer session for kids from Lawrence schools. I always do an annual writing workshop with them and the teachers as well. This year I felt like I could really speak with some authority because I got my Master's and I have experience in the classroom. Also props to Logan and Dave, I had a great time in Jamaica Plains at Steve's party. Shout outs to Jose Dobles and Thuy, hope we can link up soon.
I'll be around the city folks so holla at me, I'll be writing on this more often.
The book is still coming.
Ms Baker Miss U already


happy belated bday USA. i can't say happy bday america because real talk america has existed long before it was called america. but props to thomas jefferson putting the ideal of all men created equal out there even if he was mad hypocritical.

what the f^ck is happening to the yanks? i know the mets fans are crazy hype and so are the redsox fans but it all comes down to october kid. i think we have a pretty good history there.

the fireworks were dope. the best seat in the house in front of the TV away from the police chillaxing as my kids would say.

go see "the first year" a documentary about the first year of teaching in california. doesn't get as real as my first year but all in all, anybody thinking about teaching should definitely peep it.

I have the new Roots album. i'm trying not to pass judgement but Star and Why? are definitely worth the purchase.

Saturday nite at the Nuyorican hardly anyone there but a great event. Karen Jaime, Kayo, Nathan P, Ian, Chief, Akil Dasaan, Pepe, Julio, Rocky, and other peoples all made the night worthwhile. Read some new sh!t from a one man show with an aspiring rapper character. Riding the D train tipsy listening to new Terror Squad and watching amateur porn film festival awards made it an alright evening.

mic check 1, 2 see if this thing works


what it is peoples. my bad i've been on the low just enjoying my summer vacation. life is good and I'm feeling refreshed. this evening for those who can make it i'll rocking down at the nuyorican as a part of kayo's snippets show. he is a real cool brother always putting on dope events. thing starts at 10pm.

waiting on the knicks to do something
waiting on the roots album to drop
waiting to go to puerto rico
waiting to light something
waiting to create
waiting to wait
waiting til break of dawn
waiting to move beyond
wanting to chill
trying not to chill
trying to live ill
waiting til the next check
wanting to get another one
waiting for the return of pun
trying to spit in the tradition of the great one
wanting to rub the shine of the sun all over
feeling blessed to see one more day
trying to do what i can
wanting to do more


what it is folks. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FINALLY!!! my bad it has been a minute since I have had some true free time to reflect and think about life. the everyday grind of teaching is exhausting. after mega drama with the administration at my school, i received my apology and i feel like we should be able to move on. somebody questioning my commitment to my kids community and self was truly bugging.

go see fahrenheit 9/11. wasn't blown away by the information, but more so how he framed his argument that bush was down all along. the idiot is wiser than we think and he is being manipulated by a bunch of people. go check out project for the new american century. you will see some familiar names who ride with bush. yes the movie is biased but what film is not? what sort of media is not biased? i just so happen to share the slant so i like the jawn.

Shoutout to people i saw at 106th and Park not BET but the graffiti hall of fame which every year gets repainted and sprayed. some ill designs out there.

tried playing some ball and running a mile. whew. i'm feeling more and more like al bundy everyday.

i'll be at the nuyorican july 3rd for an event with kayo. real cool brother and excellent poet. looking forward to the gig.

it has been a crazy two year journey in this teaching thing. incredible high even worst lows i can't call it. just looking forward to the summertime with my books, journals and lady.

those people who i've wanted to talk to forever, now is the time to holla. I got nothing but time.

en la lucha


what's good folks counting the seconds until the school year is over. this year has been tough because challenges have presented themselves every chance. be it poetry or schools, life has been rough. through it all, i have performed at crazy schools, made some decent dough, and been able to continue my career. best part of the year: performing in the auditorium in front of mega 7th graders. worst part of the year: continual surprises from my school over schedule changes and waiting on checks from schools i rocked.

being broke is a thing of the past. unfortunately, the past is still here in the present and i'm tired of that sh*t. financial stability has to happen soon.

i don't know if i'll be doing that movie this summer. homegirl is frontin' for real, and i know i want my pieces back if it is not jumpin off.

go see napoleon dynamite. sometimes i feel as awkward as that kid.

sorry bronx prep. life is too crazy right now for me to try to a good job there. invite me back.

sorry amex. thanks for understanding.

cop that jadakiss album. everybody should be up on "Why?" one of the most flavor songs i've heard in a while. also Havoc did the beat. "by your side" is the jumpoff.

lloyd banks. the verdict is still out, but he did not disappoint me as bad as canibus. when he gets deep, he is his most lyrical.

papoose- the next dude. verbally sicker than most nyc mixtape rappers. i just hope it translates into a good album.

go check out daphatspot.com in my links page. you can get much of the stuff i listen to over there.

in the ears:
kon & amir transeuro pop express
zoilo esta en el bano - salsa afro beat mix
masta killa album
lloyd banks
jada champ is here & kiss of death
big pun capital punishment
j armz how to be an mc 19

in the mind:
hip hop story by heru ptah
smoking lovely by willie perdomo
immigrant iceboy bolero by martin espada
story avenue by anthony morales (constant reading!!!)

stay up...til the next session...


what it is folks my bad on the delay been experiencing technical difficulties. been a crazy week try to give highlights

-tuesday rich villar's feature at the blue ox. crazy next level niceness. rich is one of the coolest most genuine people in the scene. big ups to all the acentos poets. i was truly inspired.

thursday went with ejima to see rupee, my first soca concert ever. if i could compare him with anyone it would be kevin little of turn me on fame. good night.

-friday my boys threw me a party @ azaza on the 50th. everything was great had my own drink (orange pina vodka) and mad peeps there. shoutout to ejae my girl's sister. i had a great time until there was drama. props to hibi, yaqub, drew, and everyone else i can't remember right now.

-saturday after recovering from friday, just chilled. got the new jada and lloyd banks along with jarmz vol 19. chilled with juma waugh and called it an early night.

-sunday saw control room a documentary about aljazeera. if folks haven't heard about this most definitely check it out. it will shape how you see the US media that's for sure. then just chilled out and saw the lakers lose. i can't feel bad for the bball yankees.

check out: hiphop story by heru ptah
real men do yoga
the ecstatic by victor lavalle

book is coming. holla.


true heads recognize.....prendalo. shoutout to willie.

Haze Hi/Lo

eyes glazed
& red
from too many
blunts to the head

lids heavy
neck nod
all that purp smoke
thought you saw God

no ill fitted
crisp white tee
brand new kicks
dipped out gear

will make
you be
what you
could have been

-Morales, 2004

one more.....
What’s really good
Life love livin’
real talk not that much
you aint kiddin’

Money when it’s here

when the police aint out
nothin’ to fear

bein’ here another year
that kid from 7 corners
day care with the wavy hair

My smile on a bad day
My frown on a good day

all those hours
clouds broken by the sun

when we gotta
no longer run eatin’

crib Mistolin fresh

clothes creased

cut crispy

crema con dulce
dutches twisted right

sessions where we rhymed
all night

if I got what I want
even if I did not

every second I feel watched
from up above He is my Guide

last for the crew
skeleton bones
in crowded closets

We survived
-Morales, 2004

if yall was here yesterday quick change up but back to the real. i keeps the blogs gully. holla @ me. uno.


what up folks. life has been hectic as usual, but i am counting down the days until the school year is done. in comparison to my first year, this has been a different set of challenges. learning how to have patience is my number one lesson i will take from this place. learning to have self-control in the face of mindboggling incompetence is another. not that the whole experience has been bad. props to the real teachers at my school.

sometimes butterflies
dance around the discotec
called my courage

cono que hay mucho
crackers to'ito Yanqui
blanquitos thick here


this is one of my favorites....exclusive..

Pops: Corey: Me Now

You taught me to shoot free throws John Barry
Shoulders slouched from burden to carry
staying strong when eyes get teary
souls broken windy and weary

You taught I’m like god
so when I spoke others would fear me
above anyone else
before loving another must love oneself
strength detoriated
then regained health
Viceroys 22s other women
sucking your wealth
Knowledge wisdom understanding
all a part of creator’s masterplan
in the game of life
I asked you what is it
to be a Nuyorican man?

He said
I chose your name wash away pain and evils
in my brain
Little frame contains
passion rhythm sorrow in veins
I prayed every night you would not be
the same

Almighty alchemy
No more nights of nothing
Turning tides times tumbling
Hello hope
Open ocean
Natural nocturnal
Elegance eternal

Tony reverse
y not
question each lesson

Upon looking at life’s contract
I developed cocker spaniel cataracts
iris milky like magical antidotes
glassy eyes
mirrors of my people’s hope
so why vote?

Blue note atmosphere
Ra said no joke
Sky sheds bloody tears
looks broke
empty pocket clouds out like tongues
when windy
I shake like puddles rippling
open field nostril flare
tremble as flames light personal trees

in shaking shadows
degrees drop deferred dreams
drown deez drip like leaky faucets
annoying sirens shatter silence
smoke slides violently

Violet dusk dances over orange cherry streetlights
Memories are piss colored with time
like brittle pages of dusty books
Tomorrow is a bounced check
Shiny rubbery basketball
In the winter
dribbling with gloves
no fingertips

Hard to have a grip
when filled with many vices
F*ck it
Life is one big roll of the dice


confusion is misused.

que pasa gente, been a rough weekend. not rough in the i'm partying getting f*cked up sense, but rough but the kid was definitely on broke status. i've been waiting on checks from poetry gigs for like a month and half. to me, that is ridiculous because these people only sit behind desk and sign checks all day long, so i don't know what the problem is. all i know is that i wrote some haikus about it.

industry rule 4080 haikus

where is my paper
i've been waiting on this check
seems like forever

do you understand
this is bizness not pleasure
don't want to get rude

off the books no wack taxes
str8 up what it is

playin with money
is f*cking with emotions
i don't like to cry

the number one thing i hate about this biz is how long you have to wait to get a check for a gig. that's why whenever i do something by myself i get the money or check DAY OF performance. that way after i ripped down your school, i get my money. everyone's happy not like me waiting forever.

if anyone has heard of me through def poetry, migente, a performance @ your school and want me back there holla @ antmoralesnyc@hotmail.com

peace folks
luchando, ant


what's good folks, i've been trying to figure out how to mess around with the site a little something. i graduated!!! all done with this BS finally. i received my master's in English Education. feeling very good to have worked at something and accomplish it. it was crazy a protester ran up on PrezBo and shouted "columbia kills animals! columbiacruelty.com!" i fell out. my last commencement was right after 9/11 so that was not happening back then. we all went out to miss mamie's spoonbread on 110th. it was delicious. been checking out some other people's blogs and they got their game tight. i try to update as often as i can but i be at work chilling or writing.

as much as i like blogs, there is an element of overcommunication with this. some people try to put every detail of their lives on this thing, me, i just try to hit yall with the daily update and perhaps some words of wisdom. but i definitely have to step up the blogging grind.

i love this spoken word performance game, but the part i hate is waiting on paper. checks should have been in my pockets a while ago.

please don't vote for bush. i got better grades than him.

if you haven't heard WHY? by Jadakiss/Anthony Hamilton cop any new mixtape...crazy..

get at me folks i haven't heard from many of you in too long.



“To accept one’s past - one’s history - is not the same as drowning in it, it is learning how to use it.” -unknown quote, just sum sh*t I read

You can take the person out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the person. I’ve been to a typical New England Boarding School - Andover - and an Ivy League institution - Columbia University - and I still feel like if I go crazy tomorrow, you will find me on a corner or near a park’s benches - zoned out mumbling or shouting one of my poems. Not that my sh*t is classic material that you can mouth off & people will finish your sentences, but to me it gets no realer because I know everything that I write about.

We need to put some type of order to the chaos of everyday living & I do that by bridging the gaping gaps left by my lower miseducation. I need to see life happening while routine is in place. Mostly everyone’s past is fractured in some hairline or compound way. The real question is how do we place the jagged edges back together? Overlap is sometimes okay but we don’t want no black holes we can’t return from either.

Before we can accept our oppressors, we must see ourselves purely and examine the ways we’ve been tainted. Me - by this point all the good/bad parts are together blurred into non descript emotion that causes me sometimes to feel frozen & I be shivering in the sun. I wonder how I even have the language to tell you this pain. That saying it would have been better to be blind than to see the ugly realness of reality - I do be feeling that way because so many folks I see not even questioning their positions with smiles on their faces while I wallow in empty satisfaction sulking in silence with a chorus of apathetic apologies in hushed harsh tones.

We use history like Dutches unwrap split discard the extra & roll it just right so that we can pull for a while. The Puerto Rican Day Parade is beautiful some don’t even know what the place is or looks like. All we know are coquis coquitos chupacabras chuletas bloody battered bochinche pernil PR Air Force 1s & you can find us screaming Que Bonita Bandera & WEPA til we lose our voices.

The future? That’s a heavy question but let’s hope the answer is a beautiful canela baby eyes like midnite at la playa climbing out of its colonial crib with bars crawling towards the sunset over the projects reaching for the moon while smiling.

-Morales, 2004


what it is folks, i hand in my final paper today y ya, se acabo. i'm done with my school career just for a minute. i've been going to school since i was 3 years old and 20 years later a long way from seven corners day care. my final paper is called "your revolution will not be between these thighs: rejecting female objectification and subverting stereotypes through the female mc in hip hop" the female mcs i focused on were lauryn hill and jean grae. both are amazing women and crazy ill rappers. everybody knows about lauryn but hardly anyone reps jean grae. she had a bugged out article in allhiphop.com, but i definitely gives her props.

notable times @ columbia university:

*my first day when columbia security threatened to call nypd on me and my mother trying to move in

*zack waldman living right across from me freshman year 747 john jay

*my RA tried to bust me for smoking. dan always hated me and i hope he is living life the way he wants, smoke free

*sneaking out during pledging to see a show at wetlands, and the fiends doped up on the train

*late night munchie runs to koronet and jjs place

*109th and columbus getting knocked for the first time

*my program director telling me it's obvious when people who come from household that typically don't have books are amazed when they see our collection. i understood thank you

*hating almost all my classes except hip hop culture, nicole marwell's independent project, kenneth koch, victor lavalle, families communities as educator and others

*performing at other colleges and schools while trying to finish

*my final paper on nuyorican poetry

i'll write more later....ant


what's good everyone my bad it's been a minute but I'm almost done with everything just got one more paper. This is an excerpt from my final master's project...hope you feel it, these are the people i deal with everyday. peace everybody we need to get twisted once i graduate.....ant

My Kids

Sterling Cepeda’s dream
Is to be the 2nd Dominican NBA player
after Felipe Lopez and he will have
his own throwback jersey #1
with matching Nike Air Force One
signature shoes

Jonathan Cerda likes to walk
around hallways
white tee looking like a dress
eyes empty looking like stress

Aaron Ramon tells me
I’m not your fams
so please don’t call me that
as he sits in the back of the room
calling girls ugly
reading eye candy in XXL

Class 303 wylin out
not listenin sittin lookin’ at each other
crackin jokes on themselves
never crack a book
or lift a pen to open up
beyond tellin’ everyone to “SHUT UP!!!”

Glorivi Peralta writes that
nobody understands her
She feels like she is large fea (ugly) and dark
so there will never be a boyfriend
but she swears she won’t go crazy again

Brian Rodriguez’s dream is to publish
his first book at the same time
as his platinum 1st album
Available at your local 125th bootlegger
and Barnes & Noble

Jose & Giraldi make fun
and laugh at the fake Dominicanos
who called them hicks
next breath they are
pounding each other
giving free cocotazos
for excusing one another
of tirando peos (throwing farts)

Nilka, Sofia, Arisleidy and Stephanie
Dominicanas En Vogue
sing the last song they heard
en Sajoma before coming to NYC

Norlberto and Luigi download
and bump the latest Tego Guasa Guasa
macking chorties to the rhythm of perreo

Class 203 while typing up
their ESL homework
seranade each other with
Aventura’s Obsesion

Lil Freddy Difo quiere pelear (wants to fight)
con Willy for drawing
a mustache on his mustang
picture he laminated to his desk
all of class 234 echoes his war cry
“Payaso!!” (Clown)
“Mama Huevo!!!”

Class 234 learning English
saying Puddle window
watching feeling
Ms Del Rosario giving them
HW stars and praise for trying
stammering and stumbling
taking their first steps towards
freedom to assimilate

Luy Medina 2 foot fro stutters
when asked the meaning
of freedom but enunciates
Biggie’s Gimme tha Loot
syllable for syllable

Rosylvia Vazquez
says her biggest accomplishment
was the 1st time she moved into
her own room in her own house
after living so long in the shelter
because of landlord arson

Jael Luzon sits in the back of class
watching wind flow outside
I ask him when we will he get started
C’mon you know I don’t mess
with that poetry stuff
I’m gonna be the Dominican Lloyd Banks

The Medrano Sisters
Ninoska big emotions
wide as oceans would write about
her tear drop scars
and future fantasies fulfilled
Francis sickle cell strong
courage creates art & life
through each defiant pencil stroke

Rebecca Garcia & Kedwin Zapata
run after each other
hitting and hugging on the low
when told they will be married
He calls her a wench
She calls him a toad

Sodanys Paulino wanted to live
far far from the hood
Big mansion forty rooms forty bathrooms
enough for kids and family members from
back home

Jonathan V. never wanted to leave the hood
someone might merk him while at
one of those suburb malls
shopping for teddy bears with his son
jealous of his hood richness

Ariel De La Nuez says
he will be a professional flyweight
paper ball fight champ

Kimberly Lopez always remembers
the first time her mother cried
She said it felt like the Polo Grounds
spirits came alive

Yesenia Gutierrez thinks
she gets judged unfairly and mistreated
everyday in school
kids make fun of her
because she is Mexican

Feliciano Perez goes on the internet
to look at pictures of Puebla
and get misty eyed

Elianne Mejia screams in Open Room
just because she gets good grades
don’t make her not cool
She is who she is
& proud/tells Manny that
he is a pussy because he cursed at her
and was absent the next day

Roderick Rasuk will wait
for his mother to give him
fresh white tees and fresh jordans
for failure while she sobs
at Parent Teacher Night about
where he sees himself in 5 years
Maybe dead maybe hustling I don’t know

Terrell Moody is just like his name sounds
Terrell Moody. He was scary too big for his age
Lloking 17 while 12 used to always say
It’s because I’m black right?
Picked Erica Frias, self described
Dominicana princess, up by both arms
and threw her over 2 desks crashing
headfirst into lockers.
He waited to go platinum & be in the NFL
while writing elegant odes to his Nubian sisters

Nicole Owens is a self described
ghetto queen who reads Shel Silverstein
& Nikki Giovanni/ speaks her mind
& thinks about living her dreams
says that all teachers is foul
even they got they own schemes

Ramon Belliard asks me
if he can write about Mephisto
and El Diablo and how the Devil
is about to reign on the world

Derrick Barnes is the next Nas
spitting rapid fire verses
about being broke & hustling
overcoming all struggle
Told me stories about Joe Dirt
the kid who always got sonned
& picked on but rose up
to be the biggest baddest willie on the block

Class 209 Marior Penelope & Daury
describe America
Shut UP America
Go to Hell America
Xenophobic America
Racist America
Why are you so cruel America?

Fat Jessica Sanchez
poured her soul out
in journals scribbled sloppy
spelled culture like KULCHER
as if some villian
sometimes it is
described her heartbreak
from Eric Castro
gave away the only thing she had left
& how her Pops never listened to her
she is expecting late summer
hustler is her husband holdin her down
said her cousin

Edward Perez, fly boy smart tough
young brother wrote deep verses
on wrinkled paper bout trying to
go straight/seen what it was like
in those streets won’t be 3 strikes
seen Moms tears after popped
Walk away young bro
Stay free

Angelicas - there was a few only want
to shout out two in particular:

Angelica Arache aka Princess
Future as bright as smile first one like
Read my poem frustrated with fickle dudes
bum attitudes & shorty what’s your number?

Angelica Matias aka Muneca
talked & cried during lunch periods
Moms was grimy treated her like
used dishrag/used to talk about
haze bags/she thought she might be
butch/relationships she’s the wrong one
to push/cuidado chica
Don’t take on too much
too soon

Ivanna Jimenez cried when she,
honor roll student, class president
teacher helper, daughter of PTA president
got rejected from everyone
of her high school choices
Felix Vega, fatboy next level MC
classroom heckler
known to do nothing
jumped up & down
celebrating acceptance to G Dubbz
(George Washington High School)

Leo Sanchez was a ghetto Neruda
writing Love Poetry for crushes
& gospel poetry to unite the people
under GOD/walked with him
back to the crib/there was issues
in the crib/ he was almost cryin
like Morales times is hard
Times is hard

-Morales, copyright 2004


my bad folks just been on the grind trying to keep up with the work. God willing may 18th/19th i'll be done with everything. to all my peoples we will talk then. like i said last week, today i'll be at princeton performing with kahlil. looking forward to saturday concert at columbia. holla at me folks...anthony@undercoverent.com....peace folks....ant


Nuyorican Poets' Cafe: 30 Years Running.
by Carlos Vázquez Firpi

The Nuyorican Poets` Café has been a continual hub of cutting-edge artistic exploration since the venue first opened its doors in 1974. Through the years, writers from the likes of Sandra Maria Esteves and Amiri Baraka to Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan have paid their dues at the Latino-founded literary institution.

Much has changed from when poet Miguel Algarín first founded the Café in order to give the then-burgeoning Nuyorican literary movement "a locality," as he puts it, "a place where everyone could find themselves at a given time and come together and hear each other." Yet the Nuyorican continues to play a significant role in the careers of up-and-coming spoken-word artists.

Nuyorican Anthony Morales (pictured above) has been performing at the Café since 1997. The 24-year-old South Bronx resident was crowned "Nuyorican Fresh Poet" in 2001 and appeared on the cover of The New York Times Arts section the following year. "The Nuyorican has been vital to my career as a writer and spoken-word artist," says Morales. "I`ve been inspired by the works originated there; but also, the venue has given me the chance to develop my voice and my work. Performing at the Nuyorican has led to many different opportunities for me, such as touring the U.S. and appearing on HBO`s Def Poetry."

As a "street poet," a sharp-eyed chronicler of the Latino community`s experience, Morales follows in the footsteps of two major Nuyorican poet-playwrights: Miguel Piñero and Pedro Pietri. Piñero`s play, "Short Eyes," and Pietri`s poem, "Puerto Rican Obituary," are the most well-known works of Nuyorican literature, and their authors figure as two of the movement`s most prominent authors.

With the deaths of Miguel Piñero in 1988 and of Pedro Pietri earlier this year, it`s largely up to the likes of Morales, Mayda del Valle and Mariposa—second-wave Nuyorican poets, if you will—to keep the literary traditions fostered at the Café alive. But spot-on wordsmiths aren`t the only thing Nuyorican poetry needs. The poetry of major Nuyorican authors like Pietri, Piñero and Esteves deals largely with the experience of Latinos struggling to survive in a world beset by poverty, drug addiction and urban decay.

The Lower East Side neighborhood which houses the Nuyorican is nothing like it was when in 1980, Piñero declaimed: "So please when I die / Don`t take me far away / keep me near by / take my ashes and scatter them thru out / Lower East Side." Gentrification over the last two decades has radically transformed the area from a poverty-stricken, text-book example of urban decay into an overpriced, trendy Mecca for yuppies and wannabe bohemians.

Yet according to Algarín, the shifting Lower East Side landscape shouldn`t pose a problem for the Café. "The most important part of the Café is that it never set out to service a particular grouping or a particular type of poet. It`s a place called poets` Café. I mean, Nuyorican indicates the growing point, the circle. It was not black America or white America, but Puerto Rican poets. But in our pulling together we never saidthat this was exclusively ours."

The growing popularity of Nuyorican Poets` Café-inspired spoken-word poetry is in large part due to the kind of universal acceptance urged on by Algarín. The Café`s role in the slam "movement"—a nationwide phenomenon since 1989—has been central as it is one of the original venues to host such competitions. Films like "Slam" and "Piñero" testify that no movie about the spoken word art form is complete without a scene at the Nuyorican.

On a recent Friday night, it was clear that more people were waiting in line for the ever-popular weekly slam competition than the moderately sized Café could possibly house. But not everyone sees slam competitions as a positive outgrowth of the Nuyorican. Pietri was outspoken about his belief that Nuyorican-style spoken word had gone from a movement to a franchise. Others would contend that the slams are limited in that only a very specific type of poem read by a particular type of poet works in these competitions; and not all poems call for animated readings and not all poets are extroverts.

In his introduction to the seminal "Nuyorican Poetry: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Words and Feelings," Algarín (pictured here)announces that Nuyorican poets must "furnish the information and the vision to empower the underclass to join the mainstream and reinvigorate the American temper. This is our mission." Whether the slam competitions have led the Café astray from its original "mission" is debatable. In any event, as the Café celebrates its 30-year anniversary, the fact that Algarín owns the building which houses the venue renders it a symbol of both survival and possibility. As long as the Café remains in the neighborhood, maybe Piñero would still want to see his ashes scattered "thru out" the Lower East Side.

check it folks


what it is folks just here trying to finish up a bunch of stuff. this might be the first time some of yall are here. welcome to my world. i try to update this as often as i can. here you can find my daily rantings and performances. i think this next week i'll be at princeton. from there just trying to finish up the masters. it is a little difficult to be a poet/student/teacher/actor. a man of many hats.

some new stuff....

Keep Going

Drought dries drown
Down dull dust
Windows filled with rust

Real/hard to trust

Broken bottom can bust
Any security seein sunrise
Rub light in eyes
Cries of colonial constipation
Rewindin clocks
Categorial consumption
Cranial contusion
Chronic confusion

We circulate in silly cycles
Cynical sinister each second

Look at who’s here
Who’s done forgotten
Those next to come
At some point in life
There is the run
From whatever
you don’t want to bother
tomorrow frustrated
follow sollow
too bitter to beg or borrow

swallow cowardice
dookey duty
crap courage

everyday wake up empty
pour glass of hard work in cup
sip sink into purpose
dig deeper beyond sucka surface

realize heart working
through hurting

love made you
you made love

Wild with wicked limits
Kick it with spirits
Heavenly rhythmic
In sync with tradition

Position poverty
Dunk clap funk rap

Spit blues indigo
In the flo

Script rip quick flick lick tip
Slick click rift lift fix fix

Pigs get poison portion pie
Can find worms in bruised fruit
Apples of each other’s eyes

Apprehension relentin’
Few get message with furious intentions
Progression only natural
Hustled this way cuz I had to

No other option
One way street toward dead ends
Context craving/daily saving

Long way to learn
Long days to earn
Children of el sol burned
By righteous rays
Rhythm revised rigorous recognition
Ritual rites of passage
Full years pass quick
Drastic drowning depths of death
Hard to understand breadth of breath

Never know when last ones left

Watch where you step
Most secrets kept inside
Frozen rain against face
Makes you feel alive
Mothers still giving
Salami huevo sandwiches
Anguish heard in many languages
Down broken elevator shafts
Clanging cold radiators
Blown fuse blackout
Milk’s lukewarm
Meat brown
Melted butter in refrigator
Mean dead cat smell from incinerator
Phone disconnected
Call back later

Wonder why there’s so many
Haters in the city?
When the rich get filet mignon
Fried empty fulfillment
& we got pork fried pity

pittance 4 pleasure
one man’s trash
next man’s treasure
sometimes the sun is dull
like no2 pencils from 99c
store after a multiple choice test

what it’s about now
is holdin’ on

times is tougher
than 4day old chuletas
under that fritura light bulb

-morales, 2004


what's happening peoples it's your boy. my bad i've been sleeping on the blogging but life has been wild. i was 7 hours away from the city in SUNY Fredonia performing with some other Nuyorican poets. i definitely had a good time next week i think i'll be at princeton so slowly i'm getting my goal for rocking all the ivy league schools. just trying to figure out how i'm going to finish this master's degree i got so much work to do its crazy.

para ti mama
just wanted to say thank you
all we got is us

shout out to maria cruz my 8th grade girlfriend. i bumped into her on the bus and i'm glad we said what's up to each other. wow 8th grade so young so innocent. how the times have changed.



what it is folks, sorry long time no write. it's gonna be tough for these next 3 weeks b/c i'm trying to finish this master's. did not think it would be this much work. shout out to bar 13 and the whole acentos/louderarts crew for inviting me through for the feature. i'm honored to share the stage with such incredible talent. i thought it was a good night. people enjoyed my set and the slam after was off the chain. tomorrow i'll be up at suny buffalo performing. my school is giving me grief. i'll see them monday. holla at me.



what's really good folks...vacation has been great. glad to get away from those horrible kids....i do love some of them but a lot are just too much. now it's time to chill with mommy and daddy...leave me alone...
these next few weeks are gonna be crazy!!!! i got so much to do...





what's hood peoples my bad i haven't wrote in a minute. VACATION!!! real talk feeling good. i'm at eastern connecticut state university in willimantic ct. don't know where that is. bout to tear this down and do what i gotta do. my girl is chilling in salvador brazil living it up. rocking 2004 the right way. holla back.

you are amazing
i don't know if i tell you
enough love is real



man i can't wait to get out of school!!! i'm so tired of all this BS. i need to finish this book and publish it and tour. every day it is another new thing. FRIDAY COME NOW!!! please!!!

middle of long week
overwhelmed underpaid tired
please save me friday



my bad folks i've been on the low not really but just away from a computer for the weekend. it was an exciting jawn, starting with my workshop at bronx prep. it is an amazing school maybe i'll be there next year. the kids were amazing! big shout to my group writing about where they from and our america. also got the chance to meet divinity and boogie. really cool poets and chill people. so thanks to everyone involved with that event. from there i kicked it with nick and juma watching the games (go uconn i need this money). i ended up that night eating at amy ruth's @ 116th and lenox.

the next day i went to el museo del barrio for their moma latin america exhibit amazing amazing. wilfredo larn, siquieros collective suicide among others was the bomb. then i went to jimmy's uptown to eat. GREAT!!
this week i'm just trying to get to friday as always. but next week is spring break!!!! milhouse style scream. just to get away from my school will be beautiful.

so yall stay up say your prayers eat your vitamins believe in God and pray for the knicks to make the playoffs. i'll holla....ant


word what it is peoples. friday has finally arrived just on time. today i'll be going to my chapter's party @ columbia university. check them out www.columbia.edu/cu/fia brothers of Ryde or Die Mu doing big things. besides that just kicking with my girl chilling feeling real good now. one more week until vacation from school!!! thank the lord because i'm tired of school. real talk i've been going since i was 3 years old. this is the 20th anniversary since the beginning of my education at the blue door of 7 corners day care. damn. a long way since 1984.

i gots some detention to give out today. i'm trying to minimize that but if i'm trying to talk to you and you don't listen simply put we gots to chill. i'm tired of being frustrated.

holla folks. talk to ya hopefully over the weekend. have a good one.



what's poppin folks. another thursday, another day of crazy kids. i'm blessed to have the chance to teach kids writing but if kids don't want to write it becomes very difficult for me to stay enthusiastic about it. that being said this saturday i will be going to bronx prep for a workshop for kids that actually want to be writing on a saturday. just lets me know what's important and where i need to be. i would love to be a teaching artist. one who goes around and does different workshops for schools. right now i'm going into classes for students who don't even want to write and struggling screaming at them to stop running around sit down shut up and try to listen for 5 minutes. it gets frustrating to say the least. at least tomorrow is friday and there will be a huge party at columbia. the weekend is what i live for.

april will be a good month. the 5th (upstate) and 12th (bar 13) and 16th (upstate) will all be happening. april 20-21st i'm still unclear on.

check out these sites.


check out my web homies show em some love tell em you got there from here. tell a friend to tell a friend. folks this is only gonna be as live as you want it to be. the more exposure, more gigs, more gigs, more poetry......holla at me anthony@undercoverent.com

little throwback jawn real quick because i talked to this person recently ...congrats and stay up....

Who says those things?

Who says those things
that run through your hair
like wind chilling
your buttered toast skin
while warm hearts melt away
snowy white winterland frost

I do
Standing alone
with a biting breeze on the Great Lawn
of my soul I say
I love you
with every foggy breath of what’s left

What’s right now
was never thought of
on each twilight ringing
phone call that said
@sshole I love you
Don’t ever let me go
before Hello and after Peace

Who says those things?
Everything happens for a reason
Silent treatment and peekaboo tears
on full moons follow treason
in 4 seasons of sunsets smiles shining
defining for each other
young and love

On our cloud
we were above time
buying it with the change
in our pockets
Penny for your thoughts
Nickel for your kiss
Dime for your heart

This was not a layaway or 50% off sale
Failure was not the option
Every story that ends begins
once upon a time
where stars aligned and horoscopes
maybe give one hope

But who says those things?
You made me sing
dance move myself
to your slow jam heartbeat
You have me on my feet
Who else can we meet?

Who says those things?
I do
Because this is what I miss

Anthony Morales


what's really folks, my bad i did not do an update yesterday. i took yesterday off from work just to chill out. it was such a hectic weekend i definitely did not have much of one. so i needed to relax and as always whenever you are at home, time flies but at work it drags slowly. looking at the calendar makes me realize i have about 6 weeks until everything is due (final papers, projects). i will miss many more days until that stuff is done. after i graduate i think life is supposed to get more manageable but i don't know. wish me luck yall and as always if you need to communicate with me send me a shout at anthony@undercoverent.com

peace ant


what's poppin folks...will it ever get warm? this weekend was so cold!! big shout out to the alpha chapter of phi iota alpha in rpi for their 105th anniversary. i was the poet for the event and it was amazing! i was able to meet a bunch of people i had never met and things were so cool. thanks to everyone especially those who bought my book (big up to sharon). thanks to andy and greg for providing the transportation and funny times in the car.

besides that my two teams in the ncaas got bumped - manhattan and seton hall. shouts to andre barrett from story ave doing it way big.

birthday shout to juma waugh the muscle behind undercoverent.com.

word up yall these next three months are gonna be tough. somehow i gotta finish up TC, perform at crazy places, keep going to teach and finding a way to chill. hectic times for the kid.

here goes some thoughts:

“To accept one’s past - one’s history - is not the same as drowning in it, it is learning how to use it.” -unknown quote, just sum sh*t I read

You can take the person out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the person. I’ve been to a typical New England Boarding School - Andover - and an Ivy League institution - Columbia University - and I still feel like if I go crazy tomorrow, you will find me on a corner or near a park’s benches - zoned out mumbling or shouting one of my poems. Not that my sh*t is classic material that you can mouth off & people will finish your sentences, but to me it gets no realer because I know everything that I write about.

We need to put some type of order to the chaos of everyday living & I do that by bridging the gaping gaps left by my lower miseducation. I need to see life happening while routine is in place. Mostly everyone’s past is fractured in some hairline or compound way. The real question is how do we place the jagged edges back together? Overlap is sometimes okay but we don’t want no black holes we can’t return from either.

Before we can accept our oppressors, we must see ourselves purely and examine the ways we’ve been tainted. Me - by this point all the good/bad parts are together blurred into non descript emotion that causes me sometimes to feel frozen & I be shivering in the sun. I wonder how I even have the language to tell you this pain. That saying it would have been better to be blind than to see the ugly realness of reality - I do be feeling that way because so many folks I see not even questioning their positions with smiles on their faces while I wallow in empty satisfaction sulking in silence with a chorus of apathetic apologies in hushed harsh tones.

We use history like Dutches unwrap split discard the extra & roll it just right so that we can pull for a while. The Puerto Rican Day Parade is beautiful some don’t even know what the place is or looks like. All we know are coquis coquitos chupacabras chuletas bloody battered bochinche pernil PR Air Force 1s & you can find us screaming Que Bonita Bandera & WEPA til we lose our voices.

The future? That’s a heavy question but let’s hope the answer is a beautiful canela baby eyes like midnite at la playa climbing out of its colonial crib with bars crawling towards the sunset over the projects reaching for the moon while smiling.

-Morales, 2004


word...yesterday was one of those days...all snowy wet rain nasty... .i cooked my first pollo guisado and i just had my leftovers...very good..i'm in much better spirits than yesterday....can't take that back. knicks won a game that shouldn't have been that tough. me today i'm chilling in the bx my girl made me a cake that i will take down later...things are going...til friday that daily grind....peace yall


Tiene phosphoro
I need a light to spark this
Right hm mmm that’s it

Stop actin so tuff
Didn’t you ever cry once
After smoking blunts?

Deep haikus

The small universe
Does not allow me to see
Around our problems

Some people wonder
Why I am so strange they do
Not know how I feel

Things start to warm up
Just a little bit for now
Next day might be cold

Remember losing
My two front teeth I was scared
Then I stopped crying

What are you doing?
You need to ask that question
Alone if you can

Still feel chill in breeze
When its calm still be on point
If not might be gone


today i'm gonna try to cook pollo guisao...it should be good i'll let you know how it goes....

peace ant

ps very fitting poem considering last nite....

Haze Hi/Lo

eyes glazed
& red
from too many
blunts to the head

lids heavy
neck nod
all that purp smoke
thought you saw God

no ill fitted
crisp white tee
brand new kicks
dipped out gear

will make
you be
what you
could have been

-Morales, 2004


what's good peoples? this weekend was the jumpoff for many reasons. friday night nuyorican spotlight. i tore it down!! it felt good to chill and be able to get back in the game. i wish i had been able to record the night so if anyone has a copy please holla at me. sat night tribute to the rev at the bronx river arts center. this i do have on tape. shouts to the acentos poets el extreme and everyone i met that night. a very festive evening. this weekend was positive for the opportunities i had but also because the momentum is rolling. 2004 is in full effect right now.

sopranos was good right? i love it so much but then i hate that i have to wait til next week to get my fix. uncle junior is gonna get popped..just my prediction.

i got spring break from classes so i'll be kicking it all week. but i still have to come into work. will definitely be kicking it with ms. baker. i was such a fool once upon a time (still am) but i'm lucky and blessed. thank you.

i think and hope folks are looking at this. let me know send me a shout.

peace ant

Diversity Haiku

Usually only
Speck of sazon in the whole
Porcelain plate white rice

Sadness is black
It smells like burnt chicken & pegao
It looks like street corners after storms
It tastes like $1 menu when you got no other choices
It feels like teeth throbbin & dull headaches
Sadness is Babita not goin back to her isla
before she passes.

-Morales, 2004


que pasa peoples. my heart goes out to all those affected in spain. i spent time in spain 1997 and it was an amazing experience. eta was real out there when i was there, but no where to this level. craziness in the world. my brother's theory lies in the northwoods documents. check out buzzflash.com, michaelmoore.com, commondreams.org for some real news on this whole situation. god bless.

yesterday i went to check out another school in the bronx 180th and mapes right off of southern blvd. it was a great chance to see something different than what i'm currently going through. it shows that given the right chance to succeed, children can excel. we'll see how that works out.

after that, just rode back to the cribs, kicked it with moms, who i hadn't seen in a week. everything is good.

tonight, mad last minute i know, i'll be the featured poet at the nuyorican poets' cafe at 3rd btw b+c ave. everything starts at like 10. stop by if you've never been there before guaranteed to be a good time. i haven't rocked at the nuyo for a while. i am the last fresh poet they named and it always feels good to come back home where it all started. god how far i've come since i was that 17 yr old kid reading a poem in the open room at like 2 in the morning about my parent's breakup.

You move me like air
on roofs stars close touch heaven
with soft kisses on lips

if you around give me a shout tonite. the kid should be in classic form.

peace ant


ars poetica

ARS POETICA (for Pablo Neruda)

Between skyscraper dark alleys
wide open wilderness valleys
summer’s thick sweat
winter’s deep shiver

my heart hides in misty shadows of ash colored lungs
behind a shaking rib cage vest
delicate to absorb frustrated fist pounding
jagged breezes sharply cutting at acute angles
secrets trapped in dimly lit project window
unknown combination locks rusted

for each crystallized snowflake tear that plunges
for every forgotten word smile
I meditate in remembrance hoping
these drifting thoughts are déjà vu

like summoning celestial ancestors
twilight conversations bullshitting
about tomorrow’s uncertainty

they once told me
if morning’s over easy sun smiles
then we can wink back

inside jokes with the sky
make flowers different tints

scattered remnants of happilyeverafter stir
in disturbed puddles
quiet waves crash cracked concrete

shattered mirror gives distorted reflection
no compliments
there you are simply

como pernil en un cubano

could I rhyme this
to make it more musical

does it need to be

truth prefers to be whispered
away from orange street spot lights


Puerto Rico’s paralysis
caused that plane trip two suitcases
full of guayaberas and congas

My last name is Morales
more or less of the chicken soup
doesn’t matter when you want none

Phone home at telefonica
when Verizon’s not on the horizon
Infinite rights fly musical kites
cutting cloud Dutch Master

Sky’s falling like chicken little said
Alley cats and stray dogs pouring
Rain Rain Rain go away
Rain Rain Rain go away

so i can come out and play another day
Puddle puzzle pieces
muzzle dollar & dream lotto mottos

Broken windows closed doors
Process is triangle rest lah spot to cornerstore

Buy nickel bags of weed
Throw the seeds in the ashtray
Hope one day they’ll grow like
weeds in vacant lots blowing to & fro

Depends on if the sun’s shining
Clouds got silver linings
Story books happy endings
Ghettos got tomorrows
looking like yesterday’s
five o’clock shadow

Silhouette sidewalks of New York
talk bochinche and smell of seasoned
pork shoulder/Chips get colder
as temperature congeals/reveals
truth inside platano peels

Don’t slip
Or is that superstition ??

40’s blunts and hearts cause us reminiscin’
traditions of tragedies cause
apathy galaxies
and mothership’s headed
towards the black hole

Soul outta control like runaway rollercoasters
Toaster burning bagels
unable to turn table
flippin’ through cable to find

spiritual inner peace
feast at TV dinners of fools
think it this game we know the rules?

I learned in kindergarten
color outside the lines for
a more pretty picture

In Life’s coloring book
we are characters
with empty thought bubbles
thick like cotton clouds
separate each thread unique
cobwebs of soliloquies

Meditate on memory stashed on shelf
dusty self/reflection in transit train/express

many stumble on escalators of success
shoutout to my big bro, james doing big things in miami.....

Poem for Bro

“Life’s a Bitch/and then you die/that’s why I get high/because you never know/when you gonna go”….. Nas, Life’s a Bitch circa 1994

Blunt smoke traces
the city sky
while ill natured cops
cruise by
in anonymous cars

Sirens and a sudden red light
flash across the brown faces
of two headboppin
acapella poet brothers
in the cypher on 117th

The night danced
to what we could see
from our project windows
with the window guard jail bars

The fuzz questioned
their own intentions
because they bring whiteness/violence
45s and nightsticks
and all we had between us
was five bucks a Dutch and
the truth of our lyrics

So what could we do
against their power?

Te lo digo
His blood ran through my veins
and it was like that chill
that our heaters got at night
all those winters

Courtesy Professionalism
Respect splintered
our innocence
with perceived pretenses
of crimes because of the contrast
of our skin tones
with the night and day of theirs

I started reflecting
on how easy things used to be

We used to soak the sun
and smile
when we were still a family

We were the only ones in CPG
with red roses in our garden

Then Housing tore up our backyard
uprooted the grass
while the roses dried
in that same sun
we used to drink like Tropicana
in the overflowing garbage

I think of moments
like these when the wind
blows the leaves on the trees
upside down light green
clean and dry

Time flew pass us bro
and I cry with these words

because we’ve never been to Disneyland
and hugged Mickey Mouse

We used to give out pennies
at Halloween

and we used to fight
for the seat at the back of the bus

We come from those roots
Quarter waters and 50 cent coquitos

y salsa singing
on Saturday mornings
by Ma while she cleaned

Fast forward
the scene ten years
and here we are on 117th
overlooking the Newport sign on the Deegan
across and away from
Rupp’s view

while the five questions us
about smoke in the air

I go to Columbia
and bro you left your mark

We know nothing about nothing sir
we politely say to the officer

As we walk away
I say if I know anything
it’s what we’ve seen done and come from

Anthony Morales
what it is folks. yesterday was hectic. visitors, class presentation, long trek back to the bx, then sleep. when i came into work this morning i took a look at my to do list for the week and i accomplished a lot of that already. job well done ant, even though no one else will tell you that.

half.com is the bomb. you can get almost any book, cd you want for reasonable prices. why should i pay 20 dollars for a book I'm gonna read once? 5 sounds better.

got a show coming up. apr 12th monday at bar 13 in union square. one of the best poetry shows around the city, mad talent, cool people and 2 for 1 drink specials. please come through support the kid. if things are really good they might ask me back;) last time i was there, it was willie perdomo's book release. shout out to willie, true poet. incredible night and i was staggering back home.

anybody seeing this stuff? holla at me let me know what you think about this page constructive criticism is appreciated. antmoralesnyc@hotmail.com

one mi gente



what's happening peoples? just here in my school relaxing barely after a hectic morning. the dept of ed in nyc is crazy. today we had visitors coming in to particularly check out if we had evidence of student work. but then on top of that we had to give feedback by writing comments on a post it and attaching it to their papers and then give them a score of 1-4. sounds dumb? it is. waste of time where we should be teaching these kids some more.

anyways, i'm pooped. the knicks. i love them to death. but when they choke and just show no heart i'm forced to have issues with them. steph coulda won that game but where was allan houston? let's not talk about that.

this saturday i will performing at the bronx river arts center for a tribute to the rev. pedro pietri. he passed last week. his wake was an amazing spiritual experience and seeing how much love was spread made me feel good about his life and the future of nuyorican poetry. RIP to the rev and big ups to the folks i saw over there.

about to jet to lunch. probably gonna take down some pizza. if you get the chance check out palace pizza parlor on dyckman and post. really great slices.
i'll holla in a while till then stay up yall.



for those that don't know......

boricua sestina

There was a scream in Lares
heard 30 years before Nelson Miles
and his army from America
caused the Boricuas
to create la isla in the South Bronx
and El Barrio

We hear those same screams on corners of El Barrio
Revolutionary descendants of Lares
fighting cold winters of single parent welfare in the South Bronx
A foreign concept to Nelson Miles
because as of 1898 Boricuas
belonged to America

But America
never belonged to us so we made El Barrio
A concrete isla with streetlights as palm trees and Boricuas
eat tostones play dominos in front of bodegas and talk bochinche of Lares
looking at la hara like Nelson Miles
What would have happened had he landed in Hunts Point in the South Bronx?

The South Bronx
would have offered him cocotazos - the United States of Ghetto America’
way of greeting strangers like Nelson Miles
who try to put McDonald’s and Starbucks in El Barrio
Don’t they understand that café con leche tastes better from Lares?
Nobody can commercialize mountain jibaro coffee made by Boricuas

are the rainbow people and one pot of gold lands in the South Bronx
another in Chicago and wherever else Chango echoes Lares’
scream It falls on deaf ears in America
where they don’t see that El Barrio
is a product of Nelson Miles

and July 25th belonged to Nelson Miles
bringing good will for the best interests of Boricuas
Ask the viejo in front of GoodWill in El Barrio
if he remembers how he got there and he’ll say he lived in the South Bronx
went to Korea because of America
and had to burn down straw huts while getting visions of flaming bohios in Lares

He may have not heard the scream of Lares or of Nelson Miles
but he said in between in sincere gulps of 151 that America has no place for Boricuas
and his boat ride has only led to a daily 6 train ride between the South Bronx and El Barrio

copyright 2004 anthony morales
What's really good peoples?! it's your boy, anthony morales live and direct on the net trying to reach out to the world. this is gonna be my spot where i bug out try to be serious and let you know what the deals is with me. hopefully somehow someway this will be on google so that people who want to see me can.

today mar9th i got class down at Teacher's College, it should be good. I have Feminist Perspectives in Literature and I definitely need to learn a thing or infinity cuz I'm willing to admit my ignorance. I'm working on it I swear I am.

went to andover same school as president bush and his pops, and i got better grades. graduated in 98 came back to the city, went to Columbia University. went to class spit poetry got my mind free saw a bunch of shit graduated in 02 with a degree in english/latino studies. got suckered into more education and here i am now. i be complaining a lot, but truly i feel blessed to be where i'm at.

poetry. that's the main reason why yall here. biggest thing to happen to me was discovering the nuyorican poet's cafe at 17 for the grand slam 1997. sarah jones, saul williams, roger bonair agaard, jamaal st john, flaco. needless to say i was blown away. at the same time, i was reading the nuyorican canon of piri, mikey, the rev, sandy, willie, tato, and just finding out about albizu, betances, fidel, che and other beautiful people. such an innocent time. it was all a dream.

i could go through the whole story but the journalists would never holla at me. i'm sure we'll get back to how it happened.

for now list of influences, people to check out if you ain't heard of em, overall fly ish......

-big pun every song ever made (CAPITAL PUNISHMENT)
-miles davis - blue n green (GREATEST SONG EVER)
-willie where a nickel cost a dime & smoking lovely + the day hector lavoe died
-the reverend pedro pietri obviously puerto rican obituary but everything else too..(elpuertoricanembassy.org)
-heatmakerz beats - they the dipset production crew...real shit
-any primo beat - one of my life's goals is to have a primo track on my album
-james de la vega - ny sidewalk artist and muralist en el barrio
-jean grae, lauryn hill, remy martin, apani b
-mayda del valle, mariposa, sandra maria esteves, la bruja, lethy d, ejima baker
-nas illmatic
-hector lavoe, ralfi pagan, joe bataan

this is the beginning list....check out these things....

here goes some ish yall might like.....one ant ....anthony@undercoverent.com


Clason Point Haikus

Girls play Double Dutch
Dancing over spilled blunt guts
Moms screams once it’s dark

Sitting on the benches
Sunlight seeps thru midnight trees
Deez quickly move in

You can run fast now
No Social Security
Once outside the bars

Old timer plays chess
I’ll bust your ass take your bitch
Leave you without queen

Dreams are stars in cloudy
New York sky Once in a blue
Moon you’ll see one fly

Do not bite hangnails
Or toenails keep new clippings
Like butts in ashtray

Leaves hang low wind blows
Broken glass lays quiet Steam
Rises from beer grave

Alley kittens crawl
In trash can Mother has fish
Bone hanging from lips