for jacqueline matta in springfield ma, in solidarity, ant

a classic yall
Where are My Boricuas?

I’m looking for my people
Have you seen where they went?
Miro por un lado y por otro
y no veo nadie

They are not here
I’m inspired by stoned crazy prophets
of revolution/giving poetic solutions
to political pollution of a United Steaks
nation of eggs cheese and bacon upon wakin’

Monday morning still dealing
with another Puerto Rican Obituary
Kevin Michael Hector Luz Maria
all died today will die again tomorrow
dreaming bout Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend
new Jordans Timbos Clue Tape tattoo on back
new lease next flip QP on OT
party @ Latin Quarters and Jimmys
and the Parade

La Bodega Sold Dreams
looseys 40s pantyhose liters of milk Dutches
I seen my muneca mulatta under moonlight
this was the making of a cuchifrito love affair
taking me from Loisaida to Spring Garden Philly
to Albizu Campos Blvd in Chicago

Young Lords set it off
sanitation strikes cleaned streets
claimed Dona Libertad
ended up in rehab broadcasting the news
reborn struggle in Vieques
navy bombing bones of protestors underground
neighbors surround in vigil of cancer stricken children

population was problem
police patrol poolrooms poverty plateau
plantations pulverized families polarize
Operation Bootstrap
Pan Tierra Libertad
Bread Land Liberty
no confession to sterilization killing spree
or military state
Palm Sunday Massacre 1937
Jayuya to Don Pedro
everyday’s a birthday with America

We of marinated blood on machete minds
telenovela nobility
como pajaros en cielo mobility
cinquillo salsa boom bap
mofongo mantequilla melts magic on toasted bread
halos circle our heads
151 soaks for the dead
leather palm slaps skin
hear miky tito albizu and pun’s whispers in the wind

When tyranny’s law revolution is order
Motherland must be loved as a woman is loved
spiritually physically
she’s not open to discussion
if so then with bullets

It’s like the reincarnation of the night
before when my ashtray became
a cemetery for all my lost memories

Understand you? If wasn’t trying I would have killed you
stone dead punk

Oye como va
Mi ritmo bueno pa gozar mulatta

Cash pays and rules/root of all evil/shoot on amigos/
for loot and perico polluting our people

Enter my world of doom/consume fear feel the panic/
ram a lightning bolt between Earth Moon Stars
curl the planet

Where are my Boricuas?!
Aqui mismo
Mi gente
Pa’lante siempre pa’lante

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