what's the deal,

yesterday was one of the fullest days of my young life. I had my first day of classes with el puente students and it was real. got to know a bunch of youngsters from brooklyn. today we are doing an election teach in and my workshop is called hiphop and politricks.

then i went over to barnard computer to print out some poems for last nite's performance and some old b*tch runs up on me like who are you? if you are supposed to be helping someone, open up by saying how can i help you please. gotta deal with the not so subtle racism on the daily.

finally, the blue ox last nite. intensely incredible. the open mic was sick, everyone killed it. my parents were in the house along with my girl, the homies, and good people. the stars were in alignment for a great night of poetry. i tried to do my best considering i had a long day and by the time i got to the mic, i was exhausted. but the lyrical adrenaline started pumping and it was on. i blazed through a bunch of new stuff and i think peoples was feeling me. I recorded the whole performance. I told my parents i was about to get real with La Historia de Mi Corazon pt1 and 2. everything was beautiful and then for the first time ever in my life at a poetry event, i saw people thumping. it was even more real because these brothers are like family. only familia can do that. i hope that everybody involved is okay and whatever was the conflict is resolved and put it the past b/c acentos is too real for some petty beef. It is a beautiful space and doing righteous things.

pa'lante siempre pa'lante pana

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