what's good peoples,

life has been great just grinding teaching out in BK El Puente is an amazing place. the first week was incredible and went relatively smooth. just trying to do the best i can. friday night went out with my colleagues and explored the williamsburg bars. saturday went out to azaza to celebrate juan carlos' bday and saw all the peoples there. today trying to read some of my students' work. missing my girl and just enjoying each day as it comes. those folks who have story avenue please let me know your feed back.

october 1st feature at the nuyorican e 3rd st btw b +c doors open at 10 pm gonna be live please come through....

in the ears:
jzone a job ain't nuthin but work
foreign exchange connected
dj clue cherry lounge
jlove and suss one tributes to big pun
kayslay and papoose beast from the east
kayslay and alchemist
kayslay long live the king
alchemist 1st infantry crazy!!!
alchemist 2cd from jarmz instrumentals
any reggaeton i can get my hands on (oye mi canto and gasolina and pobre diabla)

shoutouts to bonafide i finally got a chance to read pelo bueno and i hope my book can be even half as nice....

important: http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9662950
sign up and refer your peoples for a free ipod. I don't know if this works yet but let's see and try to get this sh*t working. only catch seems that you gotta sign up for columbia house or BMG. let's go!!!

The Yanks are doing big things. Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back (now twice).


for the official info on sneakers check out these links...i was blown away....

www.mixunit.com - for latest mixtapes....

peace folks get at me drop me a line just say hello....verizon shut me down temporarily...

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