what it is folks...quick 2 week update...

-props to james madison university in harrisonburg va. had a great time out there...good luck to all the future teachers! props to kayo...

-props to boogie for the chance to perform in washington square park along with kahlil...excellent performance.

-props to karen jaime for the chance to rock the freshman orientation at nyu. big ups to desiree, carlos gomez, august, and jive poetic and many others for a memorable night...

happenings: the convention was absolutely horrible, the elephants in their high glory patting each other on the back for not doing sh*t. sunday's ufpj protest was amazing just like the one in feb/mar 2003 against the war. got into a shouting match with the conversative corner. crazy to see two colored people there so as I shake my head in disgust the dude starts singing que bonita bandera and says hey I'm boricua too papi! I'm an educated spic you should be over here! my how they have brainwashed you brother.

went to my brother's wedding (half Michael Jr) reception at villa barone the same spot where I had my 8th grade prom(maria cruz date). seen my uncle richie grandma esther aunt lucy and other people that I hadn't seen since my parents split up. f*cked how you don't speak to people for like 10 years, but they smile like they seen you yesterday. I'm a grown man, time heals most wounds.
pops was there in full effect with anonymous younger woman tearing up the dance floor. open bar was wild and the mc was getting the crowd hype with old school salsa and classic hiphop.

then I went to my boy drew's mother's wedding reception in darien ct. stark contrast backyard in mansion. had a good time chilling lighting up with jonathan b/sing with the peoples.

Congratulations to my peoples Nick and Nina for the soon to be addition to the family.

in the ears eyes mind: (movies albums dope sh*t)
foreign exchange (phonte nicolay banger)
jim jones on my way to church (dipset piff!!)
beatnuts milk me (da nuts!!! down is classic)
latino blue note
akil dasaan's new album
jackson 5
ali vegas (this kid's a problem)
papoose (watch out)

nicotina (mexican snatch)
te doy mis ojos
harold and kumar !!!!!
murda muzik (ghetto classic)
$2 de la vega tshirt
sick new balance
anything by adriana sage

trying to finish the masterwork yall. hopefully by the next entry it will be roughly almost exactly where I want to be. wish me luck. also wish me happy birthday b/c i'm trying to be done by the 7th (my 24th bday)

paz y progreso

ps sept 14th acentos blue ox bar 140th & 3rd ave ( 6 train to 138th)
october 1st nuyorican poets cafe 3rd st btw b + c ( f train to 2nd ave)

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