another session

blunts upon a dime

/was your major       concern/never was               long term/past          what we were burning/       so don’t ask me         about establishing                legacy/wasn’t ready                         after graduation/young                   climate of confusion/misdirection is first glance               of illusion/all your ruins           have fossils/bleak                 reminder of               stark failures/           how the frack            did you leak that star/            did you peak              thus far/or are you               on belly flop ascent/ within lies      unique characteristic/          improvise       don’t allow             scripted statistic/      already missed          all those parties                                 you wouldn’t have attended/         mysteries blended into harsh truth/straight             no blazer/                  state of grace extra blessings as appetizers/                     fried disasters main course/desert refreshing/    sweet to shake you awake/ o for hoodness escape/        explosions contained within flammable veins/     average unknown ghosts             visit quite often/       dap up            the doubt/     so you                         at least            show face/                 don’t hang too late/              swing blindly at piñata         full of mistakes/        watch blunders stick behind you like                     shooting targets attached to where you wouldn’t wash off with weak reach/          soap and water masks hidden stench        trap marathon/oppression stacked generations shuffled/                                    jokers wild/black sheep       flavor fever nobody wants you to chill around/one deep           to the head    coolest company kept/  own best enemy worst friend/                   won’t wear anybody else’s skin                  except for this           oily sweaty     hairy skinny               epidermis/largest act up aching/               drink more water/                won’t be so ashy/     somebody threw sessions’ tray on your forehead/      with wrinkles and greys that won’t exfoliate/                  ghetto gravity stank attitude accelerate atrophy/            either wither or pudge away/ this can be the day   you put sin to the side/                   high senses keenly aware                all the action happening                  while party still chat/                     don’t be too loud                   off the volume in that bag/stashed/shush/          what up          how you feel/                        great/             at this lovely family gathering/                               had an epiphany                               look

mira estupido

noid nincompoop

spine cracking/dry knuckles/scuffed knees/too many falls/wrists same size as shorty/closest to seeing skeleton/fast forward/chubby ribs/stretch out/posture/so won’t be hunchback/always looking/for what you lost/large worth/work every flaw/stop biting nails/stop burning loose/stop frequenting hot blocks/stop eating bacon egg & cheese each morning/stop absorbing everyone else’s anxiety/tried sobriety/quite sobering/procrastinate premise/potential readily stagnates/within flabby hairy chest/you need to find home/growing where you planned breeds good awareness/slight preparedness/eager slip up/so sloppy/watch where you step/breaths provided by damaged respiration $/lungs rejuvenated/lighter load/limit to getting done/stiff starch preserves rotten wrinkles/wipe worry off sweaty brow/place finger inside/electric belly/whiff umbilical attachment/parched chakras block knowledge porque/left with hands in air/asking for almighty absolution/start to look at your life/in context/rest of world/conscious of privilege/love as purely as/foolish heart can endure/regressive like pathetic hairline/javiel’s knockout responsible/for demise of your nervous front/after parents split/emergency excuse became everyday/add profundity of heartache/in long scope of nuyorican history/no wonder you so lifted/galvanized by anonymous/police invasion of apt 7a/hammer to skull/instant silence/trauma funny/pop up however you don’t remember/until least convenience/manifested malaise/knot stuck in trapezius/since each moment hands held behind back/unable to escape/petty mistakes/never your fault/wrap bony arms/around each poem/fast like holding your wife/who you guess/still loves beyond convention/of nothing else/so rushed many years in/what do you have/to show for/twisted travels/except for entire anthology/in crate at bottom of mother in law house/that your better half/wants to purchase/necio nescio/at least this body/of service

been a long time, just been living,


circle stance/show up as you left/ready to leave/last when you define demise/antonym of rise/somehow purgatory/in your body/gather spooky haunts/every uniform has chilling effects/respect drops/paranoia persist/in spite of environment/bent energy everywhere/at red line/terrible threshold/until tomorrow taps mouth/no more words left except/pain preserved/on pages yellowing like t shirts pitted/pick any trauma from menu/abandonment a lo mode/disaster dim sum/stir fried violence/artisan shame/guilt gazpacho/empty eggs/scars soufflé/don’t care what you write/watch what you say/might take a minute/when days are centuries/seconds are moments/but hours/add up to lifetime of blessed seasons/mixed wasted sessions/who dare tippy toe on tight rope/with twisted balance/still got smoke bubbling through veins/each wire frayed underkept/lo nervio/how you made/oye musica for every ear/notes tremble with fear/walk away/recognize divine is nearest/between head & heart/vida displayed/live so let there/be no mistake/soak magic to marinate/ain’t no escape/stay steady/difficult departure/how you came to this path/quest in your chest/anxious lungs/post up/presence never been problem/accept skin/sadness burst within/ready if you will/listen/the levels/the levels is good/holding onto hood/overstood you already/knowledge your science/experimental sound/bring victory to view/starving garden chrome point/cpg chosen few/break plexiglass swivel window/lemme get pack of freedom/fuck you mean/sold out/inventory & got no love in storage/mourned couldn’t teach each lesson/priceless worth applied/like son’s first big wheel ride/run behind/ensure nobody falls/guarantee been bruised/cried sweated enough for us all/