been a long time, just been living,


circle stance/show up as you left/ready to leave/last when you define demise/antonym of rise/somehow purgatory/in your body/gather spooky haunts/every uniform has chilling effects/respect drops/paranoia persist/in spite of environment/bent energy everywhere/at red line/terrible threshold/until tomorrow taps mouth/no more words left except/pain preserved/on pages yellowing like t shirts pitted/pick any trauma from menu/abandonment a lo mode/disaster dim sum/stir fried violence/artisan shame/guilt gazpacho/empty eggs/scars soufflé/don’t care what you write/watch what you say/might take a minute/when days are centuries/seconds are moments/but hours/add up to lifetime of blessed seasons/mixed wasted sessions/who dare tippy toe on tight rope/with twisted balance/still got smoke bubbling through veins/each wire frayed underkept/lo nervio/how you made/oye musica for every ear/notes tremble with fear/walk away/recognize divine is nearest/between head & heart/vida displayed/live so let there/be no mistake/soak magic to marinate/ain’t no escape/stay steady/difficult departure/how you came to this path/quest in your chest/anxious lungs/post up/presence never been problem/accept skin/sadness burst within/ready if you will/listen/the levels/the levels is good/holding onto hood/overstood you already/knowledge your science/experimental sound/bring victory to view/starving garden chrome point/cpg chosen few/break plexiglass swivel window/lemme get pack of freedom/fuck you mean/sold out/inventory & got no love in storage/mourned couldn’t teach each lesson/priceless worth applied/like son’s first big wheel ride/run behind/ensure nobody falls/guarantee been bruised/cried sweated enough for us all/

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