esta frio

Autumn Harvest

Collect the remnants
Of the realness still existing
In the stash under the benches
In the back park

So many sessions
We peaked and could only
Go downhill

Everytime we lit up
No frowny cloudys

If I could call you sunshine
Your smile better be beaming

Enough wattage
To keep the whole cipher electric

Connect with other travelers
Walking round without GPS
With the homing device
Beeping the closer you get
To relieving your bladder
At that second cuz you might
Explode if you don’t empty
What you just filled up

Cleanse your condition
Though critical upgraded to
Unstable regularity
Of monotony macabre
Moral massacre
Motivating the movement
Motion seeming slow

The secret revealed
Coulda held back but just slipped
No solid nor would you hold me down

I’m pushing up the sky
Standing on top of the pavement
In the middle of the crossroads
Wanting directions but won’t ask
To hitchhike towards the road of success

Sick with infectious intentions
Might flow looser than the Johnny pump

Let the puddle overflood
The curb reaches your stoop
Where the first step drops
You where you not ready to head

But there are no places to go
Just right where you are welcome
To keep waiting on hero
To fly over the skyline

Retrace your origins
So you can understand the foundation
To design the blueprint for the future
Reference your search
Blue notes spring from tired feet

Put up in the projects
There are thousands of fantasies

Fame’s fickle flame
Attracts fluorescent kisses
From misguided quitters
Livers besieged by liquors

Leather scuffed by weather beaten
Worry with typhoon of tears
Hellish hurricane on your hope
Thunderstorm during theatrical threats
Don’t let the stress get the best

Damelo bacon suave
With huevos fritos
Pan caliente café con leche
For the breakfast bomb to blow up

Half the time you don’t even
Show up because we all cynical
So much subliminal sucka shit
Selling out becomes so simple

Like once upon the occasion
Where the circles kept the smiles
On permagrin permanently within

Special senses lottery of lenses
No pretending inviting the conflict

To seduce survival
Into tempting tomorrow
To see one more second

Until leaves start to shift
With the seasons seizing the day
So our vidas could be extraordinary