what's good peoples? this weekend was the jumpoff for many reasons. friday night nuyorican spotlight. i tore it down!! it felt good to chill and be able to get back in the game. i wish i had been able to record the night so if anyone has a copy please holla at me. sat night tribute to the rev at the bronx river arts center. this i do have on tape. shouts to the acentos poets el extreme and everyone i met that night. a very festive evening. this weekend was positive for the opportunities i had but also because the momentum is rolling. 2004 is in full effect right now.

sopranos was good right? i love it so much but then i hate that i have to wait til next week to get my fix. uncle junior is gonna get popped..just my prediction.

i got spring break from classes so i'll be kicking it all week. but i still have to come into work. will definitely be kicking it with ms. baker. i was such a fool once upon a time (still am) but i'm lucky and blessed. thank you.

i think and hope folks are looking at this. let me know send me a shout.

peace ant

Diversity Haiku

Usually only
Speck of sazon in the whole
Porcelain plate white rice

Sadness is black
It smells like burnt chicken & pegao
It looks like street corners after storms
It tastes like $1 menu when you got no other choices
It feels like teeth throbbin & dull headaches
Sadness is Babita not goin back to her isla
before she passes.

-Morales, 2004

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