my bad folks i've been on the low not really but just away from a computer for the weekend. it was an exciting jawn, starting with my workshop at bronx prep. it is an amazing school maybe i'll be there next year. the kids were amazing! big shout to my group writing about where they from and our america. also got the chance to meet divinity and boogie. really cool poets and chill people. so thanks to everyone involved with that event. from there i kicked it with nick and juma watching the games (go uconn i need this money). i ended up that night eating at amy ruth's @ 116th and lenox.

the next day i went to el museo del barrio for their moma latin america exhibit amazing amazing. wilfredo larn, siquieros collective suicide among others was the bomb. then i went to jimmy's uptown to eat. GREAT!!
this week i'm just trying to get to friday as always. but next week is spring break!!!! milhouse style scream. just to get away from my school will be beautiful.

so yall stay up say your prayers eat your vitamins believe in God and pray for the knicks to make the playoffs. i'll holla....ant

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