What's really good peoples?! it's your boy, anthony morales live and direct on the net trying to reach out to the world. this is gonna be my spot where i bug out try to be serious and let you know what the deals is with me. hopefully somehow someway this will be on google so that people who want to see me can.

today mar9th i got class down at Teacher's College, it should be good. I have Feminist Perspectives in Literature and I definitely need to learn a thing or infinity cuz I'm willing to admit my ignorance. I'm working on it I swear I am.

went to andover same school as president bush and his pops, and i got better grades. graduated in 98 came back to the city, went to Columbia University. went to class spit poetry got my mind free saw a bunch of shit graduated in 02 with a degree in english/latino studies. got suckered into more education and here i am now. i be complaining a lot, but truly i feel blessed to be where i'm at.

poetry. that's the main reason why yall here. biggest thing to happen to me was discovering the nuyorican poet's cafe at 17 for the grand slam 1997. sarah jones, saul williams, roger bonair agaard, jamaal st john, flaco. needless to say i was blown away. at the same time, i was reading the nuyorican canon of piri, mikey, the rev, sandy, willie, tato, and just finding out about albizu, betances, fidel, che and other beautiful people. such an innocent time. it was all a dream.

i could go through the whole story but the journalists would never holla at me. i'm sure we'll get back to how it happened.

for now list of influences, people to check out if you ain't heard of em, overall fly ish......

-big pun every song ever made (CAPITAL PUNISHMENT)
-miles davis - blue n green (GREATEST SONG EVER)
-willie where a nickel cost a dime & smoking lovely + the day hector lavoe died
-the reverend pedro pietri obviously puerto rican obituary but everything else too..(elpuertoricanembassy.org)
-heatmakerz beats - they the dipset production crew...real shit
-any primo beat - one of my life's goals is to have a primo track on my album
-james de la vega - ny sidewalk artist and muralist en el barrio
-jean grae, lauryn hill, remy martin, apani b
-mayda del valle, mariposa, sandra maria esteves, la bruja, lethy d, ejima baker
-nas illmatic
-hector lavoe, ralfi pagan, joe bataan

this is the beginning list....check out these things....

here goes some ish yall might like.....one ant ....anthony@undercoverent.com


Clason Point Haikus

Girls play Double Dutch
Dancing over spilled blunt guts
Moms screams once it’s dark

Sitting on the benches
Sunlight seeps thru midnight trees
Deez quickly move in

You can run fast now
No Social Security
Once outside the bars

Old timer plays chess
I’ll bust your ass take your bitch
Leave you without queen

Dreams are stars in cloudy
New York sky Once in a blue
Moon you’ll see one fly

Do not bite hangnails
Or toenails keep new clippings
Like butts in ashtray

Leaves hang low wind blows
Broken glass lays quiet Steam
Rises from beer grave

Alley kittens crawl
In trash can Mother has fish
Bone hanging from lips