que pasa peoples. my heart goes out to all those affected in spain. i spent time in spain 1997 and it was an amazing experience. eta was real out there when i was there, but no where to this level. craziness in the world. my brother's theory lies in the northwoods documents. check out buzzflash.com, michaelmoore.com, commondreams.org for some real news on this whole situation. god bless.

yesterday i went to check out another school in the bronx 180th and mapes right off of southern blvd. it was a great chance to see something different than what i'm currently going through. it shows that given the right chance to succeed, children can excel. we'll see how that works out.

after that, just rode back to the cribs, kicked it with moms, who i hadn't seen in a week. everything is good.

tonight, mad last minute i know, i'll be the featured poet at the nuyorican poets' cafe at 3rd btw b+c ave. everything starts at like 10. stop by if you've never been there before guaranteed to be a good time. i haven't rocked at the nuyo for a while. i am the last fresh poet they named and it always feels good to come back home where it all started. god how far i've come since i was that 17 yr old kid reading a poem in the open room at like 2 in the morning about my parent's breakup.

You move me like air
on roofs stars close touch heaven
with soft kisses on lips

if you around give me a shout tonite. the kid should be in classic form.

peace ant

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