what it is folks. yesterday was hectic. visitors, class presentation, long trek back to the bx, then sleep. when i came into work this morning i took a look at my to do list for the week and i accomplished a lot of that already. job well done ant, even though no one else will tell you that.

half.com is the bomb. you can get almost any book, cd you want for reasonable prices. why should i pay 20 dollars for a book I'm gonna read once? 5 sounds better.

got a show coming up. apr 12th monday at bar 13 in union square. one of the best poetry shows around the city, mad talent, cool people and 2 for 1 drink specials. please come through support the kid. if things are really good they might ask me back;) last time i was there, it was willie perdomo's book release. shout out to willie, true poet. incredible night and i was staggering back home.

anybody seeing this stuff? holla at me let me know what you think about this page constructive criticism is appreciated. antmoralesnyc@hotmail.com

one mi gente


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