word...yesterday was one of those days...all snowy wet rain nasty... .i cooked my first pollo guisado and i just had my leftovers...very good..i'm in much better spirits than yesterday....can't take that back. knicks won a game that shouldn't have been that tough. me today i'm chilling in the bx my girl made me a cake that i will take down later...things are going...til friday that daily grind....peace yall


Tiene phosphoro
I need a light to spark this
Right hm mmm that’s it

Stop actin so tuff
Didn’t you ever cry once
After smoking blunts?

Deep haikus

The small universe
Does not allow me to see
Around our problems

Some people wonder
Why I am so strange they do
Not know how I feel

Things start to warm up
Just a little bit for now
Next day might be cold

Remember losing
My two front teeth I was scared
Then I stopped crying

What are you doing?
You need to ask that question
Alone if you can

Still feel chill in breeze
When its calm still be on point
If not might be gone