what's poppin folks. another thursday, another day of crazy kids. i'm blessed to have the chance to teach kids writing but if kids don't want to write it becomes very difficult for me to stay enthusiastic about it. that being said this saturday i will be going to bronx prep for a workshop for kids that actually want to be writing on a saturday. just lets me know what's important and where i need to be. i would love to be a teaching artist. one who goes around and does different workshops for schools. right now i'm going into classes for students who don't even want to write and struggling screaming at them to stop running around sit down shut up and try to listen for 5 minutes. it gets frustrating to say the least. at least tomorrow is friday and there will be a huge party at columbia. the weekend is what i live for.

april will be a good month. the 5th (upstate) and 12th (bar 13) and 16th (upstate) will all be happening. april 20-21st i'm still unclear on.

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check out my web homies show em some love tell em you got there from here. tell a friend to tell a friend. folks this is only gonna be as live as you want it to be. the more exposure, more gigs, more gigs, more poetry......holla at me anthony@undercoverent.com

little throwback jawn real quick because i talked to this person recently ...congrats and stay up....

Who says those things?

Who says those things
that run through your hair
like wind chilling
your buttered toast skin
while warm hearts melt away
snowy white winterland frost

I do
Standing alone
with a biting breeze on the Great Lawn
of my soul I say
I love you
with every foggy breath of what’s left

What’s right now
was never thought of
on each twilight ringing
phone call that said
@sshole I love you
Don’t ever let me go
before Hello and after Peace

Who says those things?
Everything happens for a reason
Silent treatment and peekaboo tears
on full moons follow treason
in 4 seasons of sunsets smiles shining
defining for each other
young and love

On our cloud
we were above time
buying it with the change
in our pockets
Penny for your thoughts
Nickel for your kiss
Dime for your heart

This was not a layaway or 50% off sale
Failure was not the option
Every story that ends begins
once upon a time
where stars aligned and horoscopes
maybe give one hope

But who says those things?
You made me sing
dance move myself
to your slow jam heartbeat
You have me on my feet
Who else can we meet?

Who says those things?
I do
Because this is what I miss

Anthony Morales

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