what's happening peoples? just here in my school relaxing barely after a hectic morning. the dept of ed in nyc is crazy. today we had visitors coming in to particularly check out if we had evidence of student work. but then on top of that we had to give feedback by writing comments on a post it and attaching it to their papers and then give them a score of 1-4. sounds dumb? it is. waste of time where we should be teaching these kids some more.

anyways, i'm pooped. the knicks. i love them to death. but when they choke and just show no heart i'm forced to have issues with them. steph coulda won that game but where was allan houston? let's not talk about that.

this saturday i will performing at the bronx river arts center for a tribute to the rev. pedro pietri. he passed last week. his wake was an amazing spiritual experience and seeing how much love was spread made me feel good about his life and the future of nuyorican poetry. RIP to the rev and big ups to the folks i saw over there.

about to jet to lunch. probably gonna take down some pizza. if you get the chance check out palace pizza parlor on dyckman and post. really great slices.
i'll holla in a while till then stay up yall.


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