word what it is peoples. friday has finally arrived just on time. today i'll be going to my chapter's party @ columbia university. check them out www.columbia.edu/cu/fia brothers of Ryde or Die Mu doing big things. besides that just kicking with my girl chilling feeling real good now. one more week until vacation from school!!! thank the lord because i'm tired of school. real talk i've been going since i was 3 years old. this is the 20th anniversary since the beginning of my education at the blue door of 7 corners day care. damn. a long way since 1984.

i gots some detention to give out today. i'm trying to minimize that but if i'm trying to talk to you and you don't listen simply put we gots to chill. i'm tired of being frustrated.

holla folks. talk to ya hopefully over the weekend. have a good one.


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