so what's good folks. if anyone was offended by my last post, my apologies. that was a few days after the election and a lot of the raw emotion had yet to be released. i've learned that a lot of what happened can't be attributed to ignorance but actually people making conscious choices for this man who has steered us in the wrong direction. now we need to understand this breed of bush voter. sorta "how the other half lives".

on the bright side, i finally got a laptop, and my baby holds me down. this piece of equipment is probably the flyest thing i own and i'm glad that i finally copped this. long overdue.

on that same note, i most definitely spent too much money this weekend. that's what happens when you try to ball out.

speaking of ball hopefully i've have more positive things to say about my squad, the NY Knicks. I love them and I hate them, the highest paid team in NBA and we are worse than the Bobcats. We should learn a lesson from the Yanks, you can't buy heart. Starbury this is your world!!!!!

so right now finally writing my first post from my laptop in El Puente's computer lab. here's to many more....GO KNICKS!!!! WIN TONITE!!! NYC NEEDS IT!!!

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