my bad folks been mad lazy with the blogging. life has been really really good.
random sh*t: the Roots album is FIRE, Kenny Dope Mixtapes are blazing, anybody who does poetry workshops holla at me, any journals get at me for submissions, any producers scream at me with a beat, the Knicks f*cking suck we need somebody soon, F*ck Miami and Shaq where's the justice 10 years after Pat Riley faxes his resignation he gets the best player in the game.
started my poetry class at columbia with the OPUS students. they are a cool bunch of young adults trying to adjust to the beast that is the first year of college especially at an Ivy league jumpoff. I feel like we have been doing incredible work and they have come a long way from the beginning. I'm definitely not giving them the conventional sh*t, I'm str8 up f*cking with their ideas of ars poetica. Peace to yall the talent show is coming up soon.
Also kicked it with my bro who came back into to town. got the chance to listen to some new sh*t, kick rhymes, build, ride around blaze and go to the copa on the last night he was here (tuesday 7/13). it was mad packed the drinks were in the system and it was peace.
in between all that went back up to my high school, Phillips Academy in Andover, MA to do a poetry workshop. People who know me know that I got better grades than President Bush there and I've had to bust my ass infinitely more harder than he has. Props to Lou Bernieri and the Andover Bread Loaf Program providing a writing summer session for kids from Lawrence schools. I always do an annual writing workshop with them and the teachers as well. This year I felt like I could really speak with some authority because I got my Master's and I have experience in the classroom. Also props to Logan and Dave, I had a great time in Jamaica Plains at Steve's party. Shout outs to Jose Dobles and Thuy, hope we can link up soon.
I'll be around the city folks so holla at me, I'll be writing on this more often.
The book is still coming.
Ms Baker Miss U already

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