what's really hood. things have been great. let's see 30 sec post random mierda that has happened over the past week. Sessions, Harlem Book Fair, Maria Full of Grace(go see it!), Shyne and Young Buck albums (both fire), New Goodies, Moms is in Puerto Rico, d/l mad salsa, trying to learn to dance, trying to get the colonialism off my tongue out of my bones, going to PR in a few days, built with KC, added new material, and most important, the OPUS 2004 show.

My students have been working really hard this summer, and I want to give a big shout out to everyone who has discovered the Poetry is Life::Life is Poetry continuum. We read crazy poetry, watched Pinero and Slam, performed our own stuff, made some new friends, and became inspired. I learned a lot from watching and listening to yall- the next generation of Columbia graduates. Hold it down, make it happen. Tonight is your night.....Punto!

Gonna pop up soon, don't worry bout the kid.

you knew
what you know
when we needed
to know it
you say


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