happy belated bday USA. i can't say happy bday america because real talk america has existed long before it was called america. but props to thomas jefferson putting the ideal of all men created equal out there even if he was mad hypocritical.

what the f^ck is happening to the yanks? i know the mets fans are crazy hype and so are the redsox fans but it all comes down to october kid. i think we have a pretty good history there.

the fireworks were dope. the best seat in the house in front of the TV away from the police chillaxing as my kids would say.

go see "the first year" a documentary about the first year of teaching in california. doesn't get as real as my first year but all in all, anybody thinking about teaching should definitely peep it.

I have the new Roots album. i'm trying not to pass judgement but Star and Why? are definitely worth the purchase.

Saturday nite at the Nuyorican hardly anyone there but a great event. Karen Jaime, Kayo, Nathan P, Ian, Chief, Akil Dasaan, Pepe, Julio, Rocky, and other peoples all made the night worthwhile. Read some new sh!t from a one man show with an aspiring rapper character. Riding the D train tipsy listening to new Terror Squad and watching amateur porn film festival awards made it an alright evening.


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