what's the dilly, yo? I've been chilling just kicking it with my girl who got back from jamaica. no she don't smoke and she had an awful time over there. yall know i'm trying to get up over there.

saw bad boys of comedy a series that puff is putting together. was funny! especially my dog scratch off. "Say It"!

anybody saw def poetry? was pretty good hoping it can be better. it is crazy how the show is shaping people's lives in the poetry racket. for some it is positive exposure. others i'm left thinking what the f*ck are you doing on there and then you are going to blow up? damn where's the cottonpicking justice? it is all good. props to mayda, flaco, lemon and everyone else who is real on the show.

message to young poets. def poetry is cool, take it from me, but if you not on again, everybody asks, "yo when you gonna be on the show again? that shit was hot fams!"

chicharrons for thought
-the roots album is growing on me, but i'm sick that they left two songs off the us release. wtf?
-i' robot was on point except for gratitious will smith nude scenes.
-why haven't the knicks traded for anyone yet?
-soulstrut.com for your music needs.
-going to see maria full of grace tonite. go check it out.
-puerto rico in a few weeks. can't wait. don't think i'll be reading out there, but whatever.

holla at cha boy.

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