what it is peoples. my bad i've been on the low just enjoying my summer vacation. life is good and I'm feeling refreshed. this evening for those who can make it i'll rocking down at the nuyorican as a part of kayo's snippets show. he is a real cool brother always putting on dope events. thing starts at 10pm.

waiting on the knicks to do something
waiting on the roots album to drop
waiting to go to puerto rico
waiting to light something
waiting to create
waiting to wait
waiting til break of dawn
waiting to move beyond
wanting to chill
trying not to chill
trying to live ill
waiting til the next check
wanting to get another one
waiting for the return of pun
trying to spit in the tradition of the great one
wanting to rub the shine of the sun all over
feeling blessed to see one more day
trying to do what i can
wanting to do more

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