what it is folks. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FINALLY!!! my bad it has been a minute since I have had some true free time to reflect and think about life. the everyday grind of teaching is exhausting. after mega drama with the administration at my school, i received my apology and i feel like we should be able to move on. somebody questioning my commitment to my kids community and self was truly bugging.

go see fahrenheit 9/11. wasn't blown away by the information, but more so how he framed his argument that bush was down all along. the idiot is wiser than we think and he is being manipulated by a bunch of people. go check out project for the new american century. you will see some familiar names who ride with bush. yes the movie is biased but what film is not? what sort of media is not biased? i just so happen to share the slant so i like the jawn.

Shoutout to people i saw at 106th and Park not BET but the graffiti hall of fame which every year gets repainted and sprayed. some ill designs out there.

tried playing some ball and running a mile. whew. i'm feeling more and more like al bundy everyday.

i'll be at the nuyorican july 3rd for an event with kayo. real cool brother and excellent poet. looking forward to the gig.

it has been a crazy two year journey in this teaching thing. incredible high even worst lows i can't call it. just looking forward to the summertime with my books, journals and lady.

those people who i've wanted to talk to forever, now is the time to holla. I got nothing but time.

en la lucha

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