true heads recognize.....prendalo. shoutout to willie.

Haze Hi/Lo

eyes glazed
& red
from too many
blunts to the head

lids heavy
neck nod
all that purp smoke
thought you saw God

no ill fitted
crisp white tee
brand new kicks
dipped out gear

will make
you be
what you
could have been

-Morales, 2004

one more.....
What’s really good
Life love livin’
real talk not that much
you aint kiddin’

Money when it’s here

when the police aint out
nothin’ to fear

bein’ here another year
that kid from 7 corners
day care with the wavy hair

My smile on a bad day
My frown on a good day

all those hours
clouds broken by the sun

when we gotta
no longer run eatin’

crib Mistolin fresh

clothes creased

cut crispy

crema con dulce
dutches twisted right

sessions where we rhymed
all night

if I got what I want
even if I did not

every second I feel watched
from up above He is my Guide

last for the crew
skeleton bones
in crowded closets

We survived
-Morales, 2004

if yall was here yesterday quick change up but back to the real. i keeps the blogs gully. holla @ me. uno.

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