what it is folks my bad on the delay been experiencing technical difficulties. been a crazy week try to give highlights

-tuesday rich villar's feature at the blue ox. crazy next level niceness. rich is one of the coolest most genuine people in the scene. big ups to all the acentos poets. i was truly inspired.

thursday went with ejima to see rupee, my first soca concert ever. if i could compare him with anyone it would be kevin little of turn me on fame. good night.

-friday my boys threw me a party @ azaza on the 50th. everything was great had my own drink (orange pina vodka) and mad peeps there. shoutout to ejae my girl's sister. i had a great time until there was drama. props to hibi, yaqub, drew, and everyone else i can't remember right now.

-saturday after recovering from friday, just chilled. got the new jada and lloyd banks along with jarmz vol 19. chilled with juma waugh and called it an early night.

-sunday saw control room a documentary about aljazeera. if folks haven't heard about this most definitely check it out. it will shape how you see the US media that's for sure. then just chilled out and saw the lakers lose. i can't feel bad for the bball yankees.

check out: hiphop story by heru ptah
real men do yoga
the ecstatic by victor lavalle

book is coming. holla.

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