what's really hood? finally got some wireless up in this batch, so it's on. trying to get this happening a lot more often.

life in december is such a rollercoaster of holidaze.
why is it when things seem like are over they just begin?

kids playing ball behind the crib

hustling all over the city listening to crazy new latin jazz fire and terror squad

went to a CUE seminar on the upper east side very good time and a good chance to build with other teachers.

my knicks are the epitome of up and down
my cat is meowing

its raining and the sky looks angry

shoutouts to pace university and nassau community it was good to build with people

everybody live well this holidaze enjoy life
get bent at your work party

love the people around you
appreciate what you got
ju nefer no

shit so fly
should have wings
and a stewardess with it nucka......

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