what it is folks, i hand in my final paper today y ya, se acabo. i'm done with my school career just for a minute. i've been going to school since i was 3 years old and 20 years later a long way from seven corners day care. my final paper is called "your revolution will not be between these thighs: rejecting female objectification and subverting stereotypes through the female mc in hip hop" the female mcs i focused on were lauryn hill and jean grae. both are amazing women and crazy ill rappers. everybody knows about lauryn but hardly anyone reps jean grae. she had a bugged out article in allhiphop.com, but i definitely gives her props.

notable times @ columbia university:

*my first day when columbia security threatened to call nypd on me and my mother trying to move in

*zack waldman living right across from me freshman year 747 john jay

*my RA tried to bust me for smoking. dan always hated me and i hope he is living life the way he wants, smoke free

*sneaking out during pledging to see a show at wetlands, and the fiends doped up on the train

*late night munchie runs to koronet and jjs place

*109th and columbus getting knocked for the first time

*my program director telling me it's obvious when people who come from household that typically don't have books are amazed when they see our collection. i understood thank you

*hating almost all my classes except hip hop culture, nicole marwell's independent project, kenneth koch, victor lavalle, families communities as educator and others

*performing at other colleges and schools while trying to finish

*my final paper on nuyorican poetry

i'll write more later....ant

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