que pasa gente, been a rough weekend. not rough in the i'm partying getting f*cked up sense, but rough but the kid was definitely on broke status. i've been waiting on checks from poetry gigs for like a month and half. to me, that is ridiculous because these people only sit behind desk and sign checks all day long, so i don't know what the problem is. all i know is that i wrote some haikus about it.

industry rule 4080 haikus

where is my paper
i've been waiting on this check
seems like forever

do you understand
this is bizness not pleasure
don't want to get rude

off the books no wack taxes
str8 up what it is

playin with money
is f*cking with emotions
i don't like to cry

the number one thing i hate about this biz is how long you have to wait to get a check for a gig. that's why whenever i do something by myself i get the money or check DAY OF performance. that way after i ripped down your school, i get my money. everyone's happy not like me waiting forever.

if anyone has heard of me through def poetry, migente, a performance @ your school and want me back there holla @ antmoralesnyc@hotmail.com

peace folks
luchando, ant

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