this is one of my favorites....exclusive..

Pops: Corey: Me Now

You taught me to shoot free throws John Barry
Shoulders slouched from burden to carry
staying strong when eyes get teary
souls broken windy and weary

You taught I’m like god
so when I spoke others would fear me
above anyone else
before loving another must love oneself
strength detoriated
then regained health
Viceroys 22s other women
sucking your wealth
Knowledge wisdom understanding
all a part of creator’s masterplan
in the game of life
I asked you what is it
to be a Nuyorican man?

He said
I chose your name wash away pain and evils
in my brain
Little frame contains
passion rhythm sorrow in veins
I prayed every night you would not be
the same

Almighty alchemy
No more nights of nothing
Turning tides times tumbling
Hello hope
Open ocean
Natural nocturnal
Elegance eternal

Tony reverse
y not
question each lesson

Upon looking at life’s contract
I developed cocker spaniel cataracts
iris milky like magical antidotes
glassy eyes
mirrors of my people’s hope
so why vote?

Blue note atmosphere
Ra said no joke
Sky sheds bloody tears
looks broke
empty pocket clouds out like tongues
when windy
I shake like puddles rippling
open field nostril flare
tremble as flames light personal trees

in shaking shadows
degrees drop deferred dreams
drown deez drip like leaky faucets
annoying sirens shatter silence
smoke slides violently

Violet dusk dances over orange cherry streetlights
Memories are piss colored with time
like brittle pages of dusty books
Tomorrow is a bounced check
Shiny rubbery basketball
In the winter
dribbling with gloves
no fingertips

Hard to have a grip
when filled with many vices
F*ck it
Life is one big roll of the dice

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