what's good folks, i've been trying to figure out how to mess around with the site a little something. i graduated!!! all done with this BS finally. i received my master's in English Education. feeling very good to have worked at something and accomplish it. it was crazy a protester ran up on PrezBo and shouted "columbia kills animals! columbiacruelty.com!" i fell out. my last commencement was right after 9/11 so that was not happening back then. we all went out to miss mamie's spoonbread on 110th. it was delicious. been checking out some other people's blogs and they got their game tight. i try to update as often as i can but i be at work chilling or writing.

as much as i like blogs, there is an element of overcommunication with this. some people try to put every detail of their lives on this thing, me, i just try to hit yall with the daily update and perhaps some words of wisdom. but i definitely have to step up the blogging grind.

i love this spoken word performance game, but the part i hate is waiting on paper. checks should have been in my pockets a while ago.

please don't vote for bush. i got better grades than him.

if you haven't heard WHY? by Jadakiss/Anthony Hamilton cop any new mixtape...crazy..

get at me folks i haven't heard from many of you in too long.


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