what it is folks just here trying to finish up a bunch of stuff. this might be the first time some of yall are here. welcome to my world. i try to update this as often as i can. here you can find my daily rantings and performances. i think this next week i'll be at princeton. from there just trying to finish up the masters. it is a little difficult to be a poet/student/teacher/actor. a man of many hats.

some new stuff....

Keep Going

Drought dries drown
Down dull dust
Windows filled with rust

Real/hard to trust

Broken bottom can bust
Any security seein sunrise
Rub light in eyes
Cries of colonial constipation
Rewindin clocks
Categorial consumption
Cranial contusion
Chronic confusion

We circulate in silly cycles
Cynical sinister each second

Look at who’s here
Who’s done forgotten
Those next to come
At some point in life
There is the run
From whatever
you don’t want to bother
tomorrow frustrated
follow sollow
too bitter to beg or borrow

swallow cowardice
dookey duty
crap courage

everyday wake up empty
pour glass of hard work in cup
sip sink into purpose
dig deeper beyond sucka surface

realize heart working
through hurting

love made you
you made love

Wild with wicked limits
Kick it with spirits
Heavenly rhythmic
In sync with tradition

Position poverty
Dunk clap funk rap

Spit blues indigo
In the flo

Script rip quick flick lick tip
Slick click rift lift fix fix

Pigs get poison portion pie
Can find worms in bruised fruit
Apples of each other’s eyes

Apprehension relentin’
Few get message with furious intentions
Progression only natural
Hustled this way cuz I had to

No other option
One way street toward dead ends
Context craving/daily saving

Long way to learn
Long days to earn
Children of el sol burned
By righteous rays
Rhythm revised rigorous recognition
Ritual rites of passage
Full years pass quick
Drastic drowning depths of death
Hard to understand breadth of breath

Never know when last ones left

Watch where you step
Most secrets kept inside
Frozen rain against face
Makes you feel alive
Mothers still giving
Salami huevo sandwiches
Anguish heard in many languages
Down broken elevator shafts
Clanging cold radiators
Blown fuse blackout
Milk’s lukewarm
Meat brown
Melted butter in refrigator
Mean dead cat smell from incinerator
Phone disconnected
Call back later

Wonder why there’s so many
Haters in the city?
When the rich get filet mignon
Fried empty fulfillment
& we got pork fried pity

pittance 4 pleasure
one man’s trash
next man’s treasure
sometimes the sun is dull
like no2 pencils from 99c
store after a multiple choice test

what it’s about now
is holdin’ on

times is tougher
than 4day old chuletas
under that fritura light bulb

-morales, 2004

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