where you headed

No sense of direction

Lack of purpose
Declaring you will be rich means you broke

Slowly recover liberation
Critical consciousness takes effort

Please don’t be impatient
Awakened by brand new energy

Chemistry impacted unbalanced brain
Wicked synapse

Soul on different track
Eventually be derailed

Kid quiere crema
Throw spoiled milk on brain

Distracted as flies dipped
Mugola all twisted and distorted

Chuckle if you started to cry
Eye water would be non stop

Trickle to river
You need to be baptized in bullshit

If you was displayed in a shrine
Monument to lack of memories
In remembrance of annoyed enemies

Disgusted by obnoxiousness
Anxiety curls 5 chains around reason
Rap battle zero hypeman

Solitary voice shaking nervous system
Resume won’t release you from prison
False headstart

Scar over bridge of nose where 3rd ojo dwells
How lovely
Residing in very own luxury hell

You don’t become more coherent
Louder you yell

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