Peace to the Wealth.

Slow Grind

Stop wasting time

You out here paying for cheeks
When you supposed to be killing it for free

Massaging temples
Days of them pigs hopping out is over

No flashlights in grass looking for roaches
Belly up legs squirming scribbling suicide notes

Promoted as lead single
Won’t be sold at shutdown stationary

Please hop off shallow curb
Take a splish splash in drunk puddle
Hyperbolic henny charged spit
Guaranteed to lead you to sweaty leathery abyss

Squad is hit
Like silencer shot to jugular

Bunch of regular quitters
Who forgot once you gone
No return as replacement in routine

Once vital member of team
Hastily united in search of petty cream

Can’t remember those dreams once awakened
Crooked will get you bookings
Squares straight to heaven’s gate
Across street up block round corner

Somewhere in a session
Scheming for a slice of what’s never promised

Used to think working man was a coward
When responsibility leaves you shooker
Than riding back of bus to avoid adversary

Anniversary of clapped cookout backyard bbq banger
Best friends turned strangers
Fake smiles hide anger

Still make a son doula outta innocent naïve fool
Looking to improve block resume
With pointless fuck boy twirk

Jiggling a finger feeble
Fascinated at quick fatality

Reality is you take what they give
Or you go get a slice of self definition

Healing when bleeding from fresh wound

Recover at speed of rolling up

Trust is a valuable commodity
To be exchanged for dirty currency

Inflated integrity  
Instant enemy

Can’t accept compliment
Can justify grudge

Holding 2nd hand hate while standing
In 1st rate loneliness

Middle of crew condition critical as
Fresh indictments from yesteryears’ beef
All thirsty thieves and five star fools

Finding Nemo frozen fangs
Drooling baba at feet

Revenge leaves a sweet tooth
Sugar itches cavities down to rotten root

Started on trial basis
Reputation elevates with more cases
In front of racist faces
Briefcases got pawnshop golden riddle
Revealed at breakadawn

When on one
Potion or stinky plant
Bent over can barely stand

Go with direction of wind
When are you gonna try to win?

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