Where Your Peoples At

Bronx Boricuas drive up the Bruckner
To reach Orchard Beach
BBQ pollito y burgers bailando to Lluvia
Praying for a proper homily at Holy Cross
Sunday Church playing lotto
Down payment on dreams
Lean off Bacardi after Uptown
Saturday night special
New levels diablos nuevos
De que tu esta hablando si no es libertad
Gran combo exito with happiness on coro
Para flaquitos y gordos
Pesa’o con fried hunger
Small wonder large curiosity
City provides variety of distraction
Transaction under 2 train
Right by Big Pun Mural
Tropical concrete intoxicated hatred
Puerto Rock Puro amor
Made slaves by dinero
Inspired by heroes sacrificed by capitalism
In search of freedom sin compromise
Un aviso
Most likely your flag and air forces made in China
Reaping profits off your patria
While you preach Pa’lante
How firmly can you navigate manana
Over choppy waters
New world order with barcode on birth certificate
Projects’ baby showers prolific
What’s the specific plan for daily pan
Beyond Sabado Gigante
And next year’s desfile
Kermit the coqui airbrushed on ripped denim
Ghetto venom vicious
Greasy plate delicious soggy paper plates
Each grain of rice makes you escape
City fire barbed wire sharp skyline
Torn tee and bloody bandera
Flapping over casita on vacant lot
How the flame trembles off rock’s mirror
Oye el gallo llorando despierta y levanta
Be brave young lord regal black panther

Nuyoricans get money off Grand Concourse
Bullshitting in Bushwick
Smoke out in Soundview
Praise Elegua en El Barrio
Shout and scream en Los Sures
Live en Fantasia en Orlando
Cold chiefin in Chicago
Hopeful holidaze en Hartford
Frozen hatred en Holyoke
Salsa dance and sip slow en Springfield
Hula hoop spread Aloha en Hawaii
Stuck spitting incomprehensible Spanglish to our shadows
Drowning in shallow polluted puddles
Hustling in middle of suburban oasis
Chasing reparations
Illuminati is complicit with your cage
Caribbean lapdog
Pitiful pets
Wagging tail for job well done
Solo drum painful piano
Faithful flute
Insulated boots leave frosty straps
Chanclas en la sala dusty next to fuzzy TV
Watching too many situational comedies
Monotony of bass thumping on brick wall
Thin tape holding on to
Basketball wrestling and graffiti posters
Decorating drab apartment
Sparkling beverage on scorching day
Lost trying to find better ways
Out complex maze around each corner
Another colonial confrontation
Camera spy on your estilo
Where is powerful potential of proud people
Brave lord living terrible history
Staticky stereo requires 10 D batteries
We can be as free
As we allow ourselves to be
Need to toca clave attached to vocal chords
Holding on to history is more debt
Than we can afford
Too much time to plan for revolution
To ever be bored

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