be on point at the parade gente

Isla frita

How do you process privilege
Sacrifices from ancestors made on your better behalf

Be whole
Laugh dance sing dream in whatever order you allow

Don’t suffer generational consequences
Because everything is out of service

Due to illuminati invasion anniversary of
An island 135 million years old emerged from
Angry ocean

Earth is 15 billion years old
Me I’m 33 Babita been blessed with 91 years

Infinitesimal speck on the canvas of multiverses
What are the partisan politics of quasars in another galaxy

Challenge to stay optimistic when rain on sunny days
Has you conflicted every detail of your pain

Can be specifically traced to DNA dancing
Drama down dark alleys of varicose veins
Rarely seeing victory

Let sunlight part the fog on your history
No longer typically victim statistic

Population pacified red tierra will testify
Bloodshed en busqueda de libertad
To do what you absolutely please

Don’t be apathetic or apologetic
Aggressive in search of destiny
Using best mental weaponry

Affirming path in poet’s passage
With eyes closed take a shot

Speak life into reality
Make your dreams actions

Wise ninja said
We need to show the youth
Our freedom fighters bloody scars

Lion king said
The stars will always guide you
Never leave you alone

You will forever have a home
Where coquis sings to concrete
Across 4 hour flights in business class

Whenever you land
Hear our hands clapping like claves

Bats welcome you to distant caves
Where your runaway slave great great
Great grand uncles carried their visions in bundles
Looking for holy shelter sanctuary

Hearts were the only actuaries
Turned legacy to stone cobbled roads

Breaking silence
So you could figure your path
Amidst city static

Climax to your lack of progression
Heavy depression
Will make your shoulders slouch

Oppression so numbing
You barely say ouch when bitten

Please take prescription and bounce
Purchase a light cebolla to flip into foundation
We can firmly stand upon

Our beauty is beyond condemned blocks
Puercos watch and envy to rob happiness

Want to use sadness as fuel to a greasy system
Pipeline from gutter ghetto to powerless prison
Of mind believing no one will listen

But we still hear your gritos loud and clear
Severe condition critical
Transform your spiritual to lyrical

Manifest miracles to resurrect movements
No longer losing

Your confusion isn’t exclusive
Mentality molded through umbilical
Poverty cyclical

No need for telescopes to encounter lack of hope
Down to miniscule molecules
Won’t learn this liberation inside schools

Designed to damage
Ability for proper analysis of compound fracture
Bones bursting through skin

Sin makes you pop you own brother
False thuggery uttered like pan con butter

Moments of strength never stutter
Deep within lies true conviction

Give yourself permission to shine
Eyes reflection of radioactive sun
Toca significant drums
Summon people to paradise plaza

Hay que mejorar la raza
Pero no con porqueria
Advertisements on every building
Overtly urging you to consume capitalism
As your cacique

Money is your GOD
Every cent is your santo
Referring to dollars as dona

Manana convinced that exile to rotten manzana
Won’t make you a sangana

Mira muchacho
De que tu hablas
Nunca blah blah o tonteria
Hay que ser humilde e inteligente
To see who is real enemy trying to hustle you
From not loving the mirror

Whenever the horizon is clearer
Calm before paranormal tormenta
Make our beautiful gente into invisible ghosts


Statues for sunburned tourists to drive by
Take pictures and stare
Lost footnotes at bottom of pages never read

Fed enough YUM brand fast food
Children will be malnourished in perpetuity

Cruise choppy waters tirando bombas
New world order bequeathing civilization
Savage society impatiently waiting for
Status quo sandwish mallorca bread

Lovely land with lack of liberty
Class stratification gives you no symmetry
Until you in cemetery and every tombstone
Looks the exact same

Gamble away all your ganas
Sell out all your panas

Tomorrow can’t be more lame luxury
Corporate resorts sell you jibaro nostalgia

Illegibly infiltrated from inception
Hear this motivational message after Medalla
Chasing Don Q

Pushing you pa’lante nunca patras
Mis palabras de boca will travel to Dios’ ears

Learn the lessons to break out of colonial cage
Todos somos Boricuas de pura sepa
Albizu Lolita Filiberto Piri Pedro Miky
Machetero reinvented with rage

Before I wrote this on a blank page
Took it to stage
Coquis hyped me up

Told me sigue cantando
Siempre con corazon LORD

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