Para Los Padres

Fathers’ Day Weekend 2013

Throwback isolation 4 walls
At your request for a moment to breathe

Cloudy emotions mixed up mental
Everyday celebrates your wonderful blessings

Just be thankful for all you got
in two blinks all that positivity can stop

Trips around origins signifies you been
Going in circles

Looking for what been lost
Cost of otherside fork
Too much you could never handle

Easy to ramble about close calls
Tight gambles house always wins
Easy to get locked on couch
Never head out
Even though beautiful days await

Hope you have been given foundation
Begin life’s legacy of healthy memories
Rising steadily overflow eye dams

Drip down invisible masks no livable past
Painful present with fatalistic future

Nurture opposite of pessimistic visions
Release your demons to escape
Lonely prisons

You will be able to hold your son’s hand tighter

Please gather the strength to become a better man
Lover scholar fighter
Soldier rock comforter role model

Not another so called leader whose message rings hollow
Years later no solid reflection to follow

Don’t run from your responsibility
Embrace the challenge

Amari wants to learn from you
Give him proper guidance

For thriving not just simple survival
Your presence and energy is vital

Be of sound mind healthy body developing soul
Forever in control aware of your surroundings

Keep good company proudly introduce your people
Don’t let your honorable history be a burden
A mystery allows you to turn from prior mistakes

Triumphs stand tall
Never slump chump

Essence got so much funk ritmo
Shake that good foot

Jump to grab a star from the sky to light up the earth
Cada cabeza es un mundo

Found my connection to multiverse
Keeping love in constant rotation

Your truest smile
Demonstrates infinite worth

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