Shit to Write About

Shit to Write About

              After Willie Perdomo


The way the world turns counterclockwise

How the moon is in the morning sky to wish on

When the sound of the city screams sing your song

A stray cat strolls on by searching the meal

Transactions under train tracks dark midnite

Snuggled closely to a warm body

Love get defined in between dreams and nightmares

Why freedom is being auctioned to the highest quitter

Pushing the definition of real nigga

Who uses liquor for the truth serum to get in touch

With long lost ancestors who eventually abandoned

The main source of any power that comes from within

Mini crisis la Montana from a hill of ants

The precise moment before you ask the devil to dance

All those young faces in faded curled up pictures

Hidden messages behind withered scriptures

Lessons that got learned far too late

Sessions where you burned tried to escape

Unfinished masterpieces revealing ultimate secret

Characters with sketches too close to self portraits

Standing under streetlight silhoutee

Creating sexy looking shadows

To make you infatuated with the darkness

The heartless showing purpose and humanity

The soldiers staring in the mirror

Mysterious murder like the vanity

An affair that is conspicuous yet to be disclosed

A reflection that is shattered

Dropping rocks into puddles

Complex puzzles with the pieces waiting to be arranged

Finally recognizing this happy life won’t be the same

Riding the train home to parts unknown

The road less traveled towards the end of its course

The ultramagnetic force pulling you back to the block

With every teardrop comes new triumph

Still running towards destiny

When will the DJ cue Time’s Up

All those parties poppin til the breakadawn

The sun shines brilliantly on your path

Add up the disparate numbers to get fuzzy math

Where you holding on to hope for a little bit longer

When you slip how soft is the ground beneath you

When you rise how low is the see thru ceiling

If the only option is death then start planning your funeral

Find a suitable composition that might

Transition your abilities to higher altitudes

instead of lower attitudes that attach you to tragedy

combine the undercurrent of apathy

along with the subtleties of nihilism shake violently

to explode like your Tropical Fantasy

you are entitled to absolute effort

otherwise you are selling yourself a sucka for sale

you get discounts on dumb shit add taxes to intelligence

pass your prayers to the president

your responses won’t be politically correct

before you step on stage

make sure your lyrics

pass the mic check


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