Ya Understand Me

Ya Understand Me?


The otherside of nuclear                            More like benign bombs

Never meant to blow                             only sit quiet wait to be broken down


No need for peace treaty

More like declaration of intentions to speak freely


Like Heal the World make it a better place

Shoulda just started on my block


They don’t want the Bronx to organize

Because our reparations would like the reservations

Neglect can negate your very existence

An insistence on instigating your instinct


Things fall apart barely hanging intact

The natural setting leaves nature sitting

The hatred simmering til the suffering steak is sautéed


Medium well                            the tedious spell of dizzying cycles

Riding that wave more like tidal

Before drowning in your spit puddle


Wear a life jacket in those deepwaters of reflection

Perception is more important than confessing


All those back of the closet secrets whose bones

Still rattle and clang                            trying to find the hood where freedom hang


Him and my mother kissing cousins                            but what do we face now?

An empty crib with a cat making dog growls


Pictures from yesteryears that tell you half the story

Fill in the rest                            thinking bout how did we end up here gets me stressed

Conventionally conveniently silent

Montage of memories that keep echoing the entropy


Mental telepathy would be amazing

Power to transport me faraway

To the fantasy side of family where

There is always a happy ending               everyone says good night



This rendition has a reservation at the windows of my world

Beautiful night to examine the skyline of my spirit

Every valley and peak                            each alley and street

That hides a little bit of my hope

Behind a tree under a rock by the fence

Sit on the bench the secret note will be hidden above

Or below the brick holding the keystone


Type to roam dust between bones

Mellow all alone sleepy sometimes scared


Beware when the heart bounce

Cautiously avoid being caught up feeling like luck

Is something only a dolla might provide


Along with the public there is a darkside

Where the light don’t shine too bright we ain’t wrapped too tight


A loose pull leads to a weak push


Hard to even open the door for a quick look

Contents shaken under pressure ready to burst


Curses are symptomatic of the larger havoc

If you could open the attic only imagine what you could find


All the divine signs that have shown you

To walk the thousand steps down the path


Of Pa’lante so that nadie


can ever


Take your love from your hands


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